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Bag Lady
Ebn-Ozn Lyrics

Through the New York winter
With rags around her feet
Clutching ancient shopping bags
Destitutions beat
Burned out like a frozen matchstick
Screaming at the wall
A helpless hungry lady
With no friends to call
I wonder
Where she goes when the night falls
What thunder
Has made us deaf to her calls?
Bag lady...
Oh gloveless, shattered frailty
The damp wind bites her hands
She shuffles by a restaurant
Towards their garbage cans
She eats the rotten refuse
Like vermin on the dead
Screaming at the passersby
"Get it through your heads!"
Repeat chorus
Sometimes on my way to work
I give her my spare change
The Shopping Bag Lady
Looks at me like I'm strange
She never once says thank you
But I don't mind a bit
All these homeless people
Can't make no sense of it
Repeat chorus


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Comments from YouTube:


Yep! Imogene Coco was a brilliant comedian (most famously on "Your Show of Shows" with Sid Caesar) and, late in her career as "Aunt Edna" in National Lampoon's Vacation. She was also a genuinely nice person.

tommy thevenot

Hasn't anyone else noticed Liam Neeson taking the trash out at 1:10?

Steven Verdekel

"We are not going to tie aunt Edna to the roof!"


"Is this your idea of a good restaurant? DOG KILLER!"

derek cornish

" I Wonder where she goes when night falls".....she doesn't go anywhere....she's homeless....

Pat Day Jp

Imogene Coco,. Who knew, after all these years. 🤷🏼‍♀️


@HarryRatio You know it, and also Great-Aunt Jenny on an episode of The Brady Bunch


it was OK, but had a GREAT Message, and I Like that lady, Miss Coca. I think She could have done a Show like Carol B. What do You All think ???


Glad to have made it available.


Of all the 80's MTV videos/songs, this one stuck with me, after all these years 8}

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