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AEIOU Sometimes Y
Ebn-Ozn Lyrics

Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore....
I was walking up Broadway you know
and there's this incredible looking Swedish girl having a
Cappuccino across the street from Lincoln Center, I started
talking to her you know - She said her name was Lola,
Her English wasn't too good you know - but we wound up spending
about 5 hours together just hanging out you know.
So We go back to my place - we get high - we get really into each other man.
It was love about to happen...I'm serious.
And then all of a sudden she gets up and she says, she says "Hey, I really gotta leave"
A E I O U Sometimes Y
There are 178 parent languages on our planet with over 1000 dialects...
It's amazing we communicate at all.
Languages and dialects - with this one thing in common:
A E I O U Sometimes Y
Sometimes Y!!
But you know I was really flipped out you know and she asked me
if I'm angry or something I said of course I'm angry man this
isn't high school or anything you know so I'm feeling really
cavalier and I say me if you want to...
huh, me if you want to
So she rang me up and she says, "Hey! Do you wanna go out?"
Huh, Do I wanna go out
A E I O U Sometimes Y
A E I O U Sometimes Y
Operator! Operator! What's happening operator?!
Mommy? Mommy Mommy!! Where are you
Mommy? I can't see you
I can't see you Mommy!
All artists, potentially, are the victims of their desire to be unique
Just observe it
Don't fight it
Work it. Work it. Work it. Work it. Work it.
Yeah she took me home man she threw me all
around the room man
I mean this chick was really hot she was nice
to me you know
She let me keep on my cowboy boots and everything...she was
Allright... oh! oh! yeah! oh! oh! oh! oh! ohhhhhh!!!
I dare you to play this record
A E I O U Sometimes Y
A E I O U Sometimes Y
Anyway so she took me home and she
splattered my brains
Yeah there I am there I am what happened what happened
Where was I oh here I am
I told her I wouldn't sleep with her friends - she
Doesn't sleep with my friends Anything else you do
You know...Don't you tell me

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Comments from YouTube:

Jeff Cobb

Back when MTV played really weird videos by ultra obscure bands.

Hey Lynnn

@Robert Ozn This is such a great song! It is timeless which is amazing!

Eric J. Ellis

@robert ozn I never met you but I became friends with Ebn and his lovely wife in Soho/NYC in the late 80’s. They were wonderful people and Ebn was doing soundtrack stuff for movies and soap operas in his stellar loft. Sad to read that Ebn passed over, he was a real person.

Walt Gekko

@Robert Ozn I can believe that for sure.

That song came out as New York Radio was in or just starting to come out of a period where there was no true Top 40 station for almost two years between about September 1981 when WABC (77 AM) began softening their playlists (something thet really accelerated in the final months of the legendary station's time playing music from Dec. 7. 1960-May 10, 1982) while WNBC (66 AM, now WFAN) had a program director Howard Stern referred to as "Kenny" in his 1995 autobiographical film "Private Parts" and in real life referred to as "pig virus" all the way up to that PD's death a few years ago who was extremely conservative and flat-out refused to play some songs, which would continue until WHTZ-FM (Z-100 at 100.3) would debut in August 1983. The closest to Top 40 during that period were WYNY-FM (at 97.1 at that time) that really was adult contemporary and later WAPP (at 103.5) that debuted in the summer of 1982. This song and a lot of others fell victim to the lack of a true Top 40 station in New York during those two years and why it was not the hit it should have been.

I noted this elsewhere, but if I ever got to do a '90s continuation of "Mad Men," I would want to use this song as the centerpiece of an entire episode that would be written around this particular song.

Robert Ozn

@Walt Gekko Appreciate that! It went Top 20 Billboard Club Chart - but I'm positive if they'd promoted it on pop radio it would've hit. We were on huge radio stations in major cities like KROQ in LA . The MTV exposure was amazing for us. We broke internationally too.

judd davis

This was not obscure in the year it came out. This was well known where I come from

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Gail Spencer Choate

I clearly remembered this video but no one else I knew that would have been old enough did. I wanted to prove it existed. :-) It was weird back then but oh...that cheesy 80s goodness..

Jeffrey Ferris



I remember Beavis and Butthead analyzed this video.

Hey Lynnn

They did, and it was hilarious!!

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