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The Dreadnaught
Pyrates! Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Pyrates!:

Bell Bottom Trousers Singing the bell bottom trousers, Coat of navy-blue Let him …
Chicken On a Raft Skipper's in the wardroom drinking gin, (Hey -oh, chicken on…
Drunken Sailor What shall we do with the drunken sailor? What shall we…
Gentleman Soldier Oh, it′s of a gentleman sailor, as a sentry he…
High Barbary There were two lofty ships, O′ a-sailin' on the sea Blow…
Old Dun Cow Some friends and I in a public house, playing dominoes…
The Diamond Well the Diamond is a ship me lads, For the…

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Comments from YouTube:


Ahoy A Pirate's Life - Thank you for posting this on your channel!
We're delighted to see many fellow pirates have enjoyed the album version of this song :D
Please check out a live version:

Abraham Rhys


A Pirate's Life

@Pyrates! That'll be great. Cheers mates 👍👍🏴‍☠️

Thank you, the whole reason I created this channel was with the goal of putting all pirate songs in one place and using it as a platform of raising awareness to the genre and artists like yourself.


@A Pirate's Life no worries :)

You're welcome to post more!
When we release the next one, I'll be sending you a free copy.
I think you're doing a great job promoting all the music of the pirate band community :D 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️

A Pirate's Life

Thanks for the comment. Didn't see it until I viewed the video just now.

I'd love to post more with your blessing. :)


@Pyrates! well nothing but respect to the community I wished to wander into, a pirates life for the Freemen

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Ye Olde Salty Dog

0:07 to 2:24 is the former HMS Rose they turned into the HMS Surprise for the Movie Master and Commander. I was active duty Navy in San Diego (2000-2005) when a fine lass asked me out one night (2002) then a few months later here was the Rose. My lady who worked for the Maritime Museum of San Diego "Living History aboard the Star of India" and Sport fishing in the summer, knew all they were about to do. We took mad pictures. Was strange, I had my own version of Top Gun and anything tallship related back then. I rubbed shoulders with stars of all kinds both from there and the Navy.. Now those are but just memories. Retired in Nevada and long for a day I will sell my house and see what tallship needs a crew I so want to run away again once more. Beware the call of the sea! For once that salt water gets in your blood, you're bound to its calling eternally. -ABE2 (AW) 'Golden Shellback'


This song is sung in Captains Courageous (a novel by Rudyard Kipling), and I never actually knew the tune before.


The four people who disliked the video got sunk by the dreadnaught

Mikee Vee

My high school mascot was the dreadnaught, lol. I definitely like this song, maybe I'll recommend it as the school song.

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