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The Dreadnaught
by Pyrates!

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Chicken On a Raft Skipper's in the wardroom drinking gin, (Hey -oh, chicken on…

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Fellow pyrates, a Scottish Clyde-built ship launched in 1878 in Glasgow is out there pleading to be saved before she's scuttled or sold for scraps; her due date has passed months ago and based on the latest news she likely only has 4-6 weeks left to exist, if her rescue can't get funded in time (link at the end of comment). Her name is Falls of Clyde and she's the very last remaining four-masted, full-rigged, iron-hulled ship in the world and also the sole surviving sail-driven oil tanker. All her sister ships are long gone and she's the only one left and also the oldest one. Her condition has deteriorated to the point she can not sail herself to safety anymore (the museum that previously owned her ignored maintenance and spent the money on other shit) and a non-profit organization is now desperately trying to save this important piece of sailing history and her 140 years of shipbuilding legacy. She might look little more than a rusty doomed tub right now but plans are to restore her to her former glory and sail the seven seas again. Please donate to her rescue and spread the word around, her time is running out and she has so much more to give! She already escaped death once before, she can do it again! Support Falls of Clyde here:

Ye Olde Salty Dog

Aye! When I saw her last in 2004, I thought of the Star of India and she too would have been in similar shape had not an Aussie of all folks rallied the landlubbers of San Diego to restore her. Lots of work went into her as the Navy in WWII cut her masts and let them fall on the deck putting her in really bad shape, but they still did it. When I saw the Falls of Clyde I was shaking my head at the lack of interest. Needless to say ANY Vessel that has History should be remembered and it saddens me that the mooks of today just do not seem to care other than things they can not change, making men feminine and women into "hero's" I've never witness, save the ones I served with.. Everything is upside down and backwards. No care at those who did go into peril to survive.


The four people who disliked the video got sunk by the dreadnaught

Bloodstained Neutrino

Underrated channel i've ever seen


underated channel but it has really cool music

Trey Nienhuser

The Dreadnaught
lt's of a flash packet, a packet of fame,
She hails from New York and the Dreadnaught's her name.
'Cross the wild Western ocean, she's bound for to go.
She's the Liverpool packet. Oh Lord, let her go!

Derry down, down, down derry down.

Now the Dreadnaught is hauling out of Waterloo Doek
And the boys and the girls to the pierhead do flock.
They give us three cheers as their tears down do flow.
She's the Liverpool packet. Oh Lord, let her go!

Derry down, down, down Derry down.

Now the Dreadnaught is lying in the River Mersey,
'Waiting the Independerce to tow her to sea
Out 'round the Rock Light where them salt tides do flow.
Bound away in the Dreadnaught to the westward we'll go!

Derry down, down, down Derry down.

Now the Dreadnaught is sailing the Atlantic so wide,
Where the high roaring seas roll along her black side.
With her sails taughtly set for the Red Cross to show ,
She's the Liverpool packet. Oh Lord, let her go!

Derry down, down, down Derry down

And now we're arriving in old New York town.
We're bound for the Bowery and let sorrows drown.
With our gals and our beer, boys, oh let the song now.
And we'll drink to the Dreadnaught where'er she may go!

Derry down, down, down Derry down

Here's a health to the Dreadnaught and all her brave crew,
To bold Captain Samuels and his officers too.
You may talk of flash packets, Swallowtail and Black Ball,
But the Dreadnaught's the flyer that can outsail them all!

Derry down, down, down Derry down. X3


Derry down, down, down Derry down.

The Demonshield

@Trey Nienhuser thanks

Trey Nienhuser

@The Demonshield it took me a quite a few tries too but I eventually got it. Good luck mate.

The Demonshield

They sing so fast and odd I can't sing along but thank you for the lyrics overall.


Great music however the wonderful lyrics are crushed by the blaring music. Best

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