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Where'd You Go?
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones Lyrics

Checked the clock when I got home
And realized I was alone
Sat for hours by the window
Wonderin' where did you go?
Couldn't eat or sleep at all
Took the pictures off the wall
Paced the place as time moves slow
And I'm wondering where did you go?
Where'd you go? Where'd you go?
I want to know
Lit a cigarette I couldn't smoke
Wound the clock until it broke
Went to bed then took a shower
Stared at TV for an hour
Did the dishes, made the bed
Read a book I've never read
Any minute you will show
And I'm wondering where did you go?
Where'd you go? Where'd you go?
I want to know

Where did you go? [Repeat x4]
I opened the fridge, I opened a beer
And played a tape I couldn't hear
Emptiness began to grow
And I'm wondering where did you go?
Watched the sun come up from the back stairs
Thought about the last few years
I lost control, I screamed, I cried
I punched a pole and went inside
Packed my things called a friend
Wished this emptiness would end
Wrote a note then tore it up
Poured the beer into a cup
Sat on the couch, drank it slow
Wondering where did you go?
I realized I couldn't stay
Grabbed my things and I went away
Where'd you go? Where'd you go?
I want to know!

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Comments from YouTube:


loved this song from Rock Band but completely forgot the music genre....

Alexander Steiner

Everyone forgot this genre. Unfortunately

Unvultured Swine

Third-wave ska, also known as ska punk

Joshua Wright


Marlyne Perez

Song from clueless !!! Love it !!! ❤️ Where’d you go !

Andrew Scheffing

and they were the band that played at that party!

Mic Pain

Hell yeah 🤣🤣😂😂💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥


Finally a REAL hifi version! YAY!

Chigwe Sibanyama

Love this song and this band!


loved it in clueless

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