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I Need You
김성규 Lyrics

언제나 꿈꿔왔던 순간이 무너지고
내 곁을 지켜 줄거라 믿었던
모두 떠나고 난 뒤에 홀로 남겨진 난
외로움과 상처뿐인 내게 다가오는 너
날 안아주면 안돼요
손 잡아주면 안돼요
I need you now
I need you now
다 안녕이라 말하고
웃으며 보낼 수 있도록
도와줘요 당신이 난 필요해

기억의 조각들 그 중에
하나라도 한순간이라도
내게 힘이 되어 준 적이 있다면

날 안아주면 안돼요
손 잡아주면 안돼요
I need you now
I need you now
다 안녕이라 말하고
웃으며 보낼 수 있도록
도와줘요 당신이 난 필요해

날 안아주면 안돼요
손 잡아주면 안돼요

I need you
아무렇지 않게 TV를 보고
I need you
이른 저녁 시간에 맘 편히 잠들고
I need you
이런 나의 모습에
I need you
더 이상 놀라지 않게끔

Oh I need you
지겨울만큼 여행을 다니고
I need you
가끔 낯선 사람과 눈인사도 하고
I need you
그런 나의 모습이
I need you
더는 흔들리지 않게끔
I need you now

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JASMINE flower

Sunggyu oppa congratulations 🎉🎊 on celebrating 5th anniversary being a successful soloist

Thank you so much for blessing us with your sweet emotional yet heart fluttering sexy voice

Thank you so much for working hard
I Love the Passion and dedication you have towards music^^

Impatiently waiting for your next

Fiightttingggg ✊

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I just wanna hold him and tell him his solo stuff is amazing so he needs to stop being insecure about it💖

r w

2021년 9월 여기🙋‍♀️

ty k

2021 still listen XDD

Maryam 7

Shall I say 2021 EVERYDAY LISTENING? :)

Hi Aku

@Catherine. WQ 2020 still listen

Losing you was not ok

I am sure he's fine now since He has many loyal fans like us supporting him.

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Woollim, would you please let us add English Subtitles to each of Infinite's members songs? I believe it would reach a greater audience and thus benefit Infinite even more. You could let us do it or you could add your own translations (Be careful, some translations are more beautifully written than others). We could add more languages though. Please, consider this request. I would love to share all of my favorite songs from your original channel to my close friends and have them understand why I love your songs so much. This is only possible through a synchronization between the music, the video and the meaning. Thank you ❤️

Joochanie joochanie

it's already allowed ♡

Mischelle Loren

It's already allowed, please feel free to add subs


This entire album was a masterpiece and I wish it was better recognized as such... Love u bby keep it up💞

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