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40 Winks Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Sketch' by these artists:

a crowd of rebellion ねぇ ダーリン 夢中でいてよ 君の世界で 分かんなくて また船が止まったって さあ その先へ So like this…
Chris Letcher Are you sure? Are you not sure? Well, things that start…
Dregs Wore me Down took your chances Toxic clown no reaction Hollo…
j.j. johnson & kai winding You are inconceivable Top notch Unbelievable Swing Swang T…
LAST ALLIANCE boku no kokoro o nurikaete kanashimi dake ni oboreru no? …
Nour khan مع السكتش اتكلمت بإيدي و لونته بعيوني ف ما بتفرقش استسهلت…
Skylar Blue Sketch Angry words off get suicide As I push my way thro…
Stereo MC's Paint it true, paint it true Paint it true, thru, thru Pai…
The Clientele Bandstand Dummy Bells Sheaves Glass Canary Diorama …
효민 I'll Be Your Canvas You Draw Me All Night Long 웃는 게…

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Comments from YouTube:


Love this one!!


"stress rap, this applies to where we rest at NY City full with nothing but stressed cats" classical Can Ox shit!!

O-HANZ Beats

I hear the little piano keys in the background similar to Ab-Soul's song, "Pineal Gland."

Johanna Itzel Garcia Gutierrez

Damn !! So true .. it sounds very alike

c ris

Melow mood




Who else used that sample at :49, it's killin me. I know i've heard it somewhere else... Cannibal ox maybe..


Oh damn, u were right!


And here's the genuine track:


Almost... it's Jel.

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