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Funki Porcini Lyrics


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Comments from YouTube:

Adrian Groborz

This song is one of the best things that happend to me in my entire life...

William Hoffman

try to figure what it is that makes you feel that way.... it's just pressure waves moving through gas.... reality is so crazy and amazing it's hard to believe we even exist. 🫠😆👉🌕

William Hoffman

the sounds and music I mean..... sound/pressure waves hitting a membrane, triggering electrical impulses, traveling through electro chemical pathways, causing other chemicals to release... all spontaneously, without "our" effort.
I know mantras are considered by some to be primal sounds of the universe that people learned to make because those waves/vibrations accomplished something... yeah like that

Adrian Groborz

@William Hoffman love it !

Simon Montoni

also here


20 years later... still Purrfect.

William Hoffman

Dap on that

Antonello Marcigliano

In loving memory of all my beautiful cats that have been gone. Gone but never forgotten.


Listened to this with my beautiful calico “baby girl” miss her


I love this song. I found it during my college years on a compilation CD with other artist it was Acid Jazz After Hours. The entire CD was in heavy rotation at the time. The cat purring is so cool!

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