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Nightmares on Wax Lyrics

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Andrew Fitzpatrick

I remember that high note at 1:31 sending me shooting through the stars about 10 years ago. This song will forever have a special place in my heart. <3 There will never be music like this again

Bobbie Malone

I don't know why but when I hear this song I get the most euphoric feeling it is truly undesirable. I can honestly say there is not another song in the world that makes me as happy as this one. Never heard a more beautiful song.


This is so awesome it is ridiculous.   My favorite tune using this guitar sample by far.  What atmosphere ... relaxed, chill, and a little ominous, all at the same time.  Dang!

Alexandra Chitty

Where is the guitar sample from ... I feel like I know it but I cant for the life of me place it? Also agree with your comment!

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Stevie Dale

I bought this album years ago on vinyl and this was always my favourite track....I will have to dig it out again, blow the dust off it and get it played.....class

Tod Wilcox

The “ papa was a rolling stone” vibe gives me chills. A truly emotional melody!


The rhythms and vibes in this song are perfect


nightmares on wax is amazing, their songs can sound so different but still sound awesome

Clément Leroux Official

What a fantastic groove !


Nightmares on wax are so amazing, I love this track so much!

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