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My Heart Is On Fire
Asta Lyrics

Out on the dusty road
Your eyes flicker to and fro
my hair caught in the breeze
You reach out and touch my knees
In the summertime
In the summertime you are all mine

My heart my heart is like a cigar
Breathe me in can you smell the nicotine on my skin?
My heart my heart is on fire
And you my love, you are my lighter

And the radio is playing our favourite song
It's the one where we know all the words to sing along
And my heart is beating to the sound of the drum
As we are watching the orange colour setting sun
In the summer, summer, summer summertime

Our love our love is starting to grow,
I lean over to you and tell you something you already know
I love, I love I dearly love you so
Let's see how fast this car and love can go

My heart, my heart is like a cigar,
Breathe me in can you smell the nicotine on my skin?
My heart my heart is on fire
And you my love, you are my lighter
Oooh oooh ooh oh oh ooooh ooooh ooh ooh ooh
Oooh ooh ooh oh Oooo ooo ooo

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Comments from YouTube:

Dan Ankers

I come back to this song over and over. I've never really listened to much else by you but this song is amazing. It should be used for a movie. I could see a love montage having this song over top of it


Just discovered this song today, and I love it! Really great vocals.

Ben Munson

This is great! Can't wait to hear what new stuff you come out with ^_^

Christian O

I heard Asta on the store radio when I used to work in retail and I have loved her music since. I didn't know this song had a music video until today. it makes me happy to watch the scenes

Sarah K

Love it!! xx


Love this Song

francis WARLORD

as someone who finds most of modern pop manufactured garbage, I really loved this song, it came out in my early 20's i remember driving home from the beach on a hot summers day, with my friends all a sleep in the back, and can't describe the euphoria I felt when this played on the j's, taking a trip down memory lane thank you for the beautiful memories <3


You’re going to make me cry! They were the best freaking times. And I’m so happy my music can create these memories for you. Many more to come. ☺️


I love this!! I've been addicted to this song for more than 2 weeks, your voice is incredible!


10 years later I managed to remember this beautiful song and artist. Stoked!!

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