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Don't Hold Back
Chanson Lyrics

Don't hold back
If it feels good, do it
Don't hold back
Don't hold back
If it feels good
Don't hold back

If you want to shout
And dance all around
Don't hold back

Said if you want to party
Party, party, party
Don't hold back

[Repeat CHORUS]

If you want to change your mind
And it feels good, do it
Don't hold back

And if the music makes you move
Stand up, do the groove
Don't hold back

[Repeat CHORUS 3x to fade]

Contributed by Mason Y. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Michelle Johnson

RIP to both of these great guys. I had the pleasure of knowing one of them very personally because he is my father, David Williams. The record label (Kichelle) was named after my sister and I...Kimberly and Michelle.

Africas Vision Network

Hello Michelle,
Pray that you and your family are safe, healthy and happy. I learned about the Kichelle Label from your Uncle Clarence (God Bless His Memory) during our interview The Genius of David Williams (Guitarist) and Michael Jackson. Please touch base with your cousin his daughter or your Uncle Larry to get my contact information.
Thank You Very Much! Omar


I never heard this before just found it by looking up info on Sylvester and his backing band

Fabrice Dessart

Dear Michelle,
Thank you so much for sharing this post.
I was born in 76 and your dad’s craft reminds me of the best family moments in my childhood. This track was particularly appreciated by my late father and listening to your dad’s music makes me travel back in a warm and funky family place;-)
Thank you and god bless his soul

phillip columbus

Bless his heart and rest in peace.... my cover band used to tear this song up! We had a 9 piece group which consisted of a 3 piece horn section. I played keybords and was 15. We brought down the house when we played this. I LOVE THIS TRACK 💕


I’m so sorry to read this and my condolences to you. Your dad brought the world great music filling us w/ good times and great memories. This is an absolute CLASSIC track!

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The warrios me trouxe aqui, achei essa música faz um tempo aqui no YouTube, eu amo The warriospra caralho marcou tanto minha infância n consigo explicar, essa música é raiz nostálgica que nem The warrios pikaaaaa


@Hilderlan Pinheiro concordo meu mano, merecia mt mais reconhecimento sem desmerecer o gta mas na minha opinião é melhor. A minha história com esse jogo/filme é imensa difícil até de explicar com palavras sem força msm!

Hilderlan Pinheiro

The Warriors é sensacional. Uma pena que num seja um jogo tão conhecido pela galera. Mas é o jogo mais importante pra mim, junto com GTA Vice City. Sabe por que? As trilhas sonoras são perfeitas!!! Além de toda história e a jogabilidade, claro.

Denny Crane


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