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When I Write My Master's Thesis
John K. Samson Lyrics

Oh the streets of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas fill with smoke
Doorbell rings
I put my controller down and pick it up
Shoot some things

Later, the darkness hits reboot and the loneliness increases
She said she'd come back home when I write my master's thesis

Oh the hours I spent in the archives wearing cotton gloves
Shuffling photos from the night at Sanatorium

Halloween parties
Emaciated ghosts hiding in those curtains' creases
I'll let you haunt the world when I write my master's thesis

No more marking first year papers
No more citing sources

So I left home
Cried the bumpy ride to highway twenty-three
Started west
They'll be there to say that I don't to take their stupid test

Greet me with banners and balloons
And my hard drive smashed to pieces
Nothing left for me to say when I write my master's thesis
It's all gonna change when I write my master's thesis


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hudson roper

"when i paint my masterpiece" bob dylan

opening line is : oh the streets of rome are filled with rubble

Shawn Carrier Dallaire

Its when hé heard thé sont of Bob Dylan ,that hé got hé s inspiration , hé talked about that in a interview i saw with Nick Mount!

Charlie Bullock

Also: compare "oh the hours I've spent inside the coliseum" to "oh the hours I've spent inside the archives"


Just submitted my master's thesis.. Sources! Sources! Sources!



Aurelas Rainsong

This continues to be one of my favourite songs.  So clever and fun and singable.  The fact that it reminds me that I never finished my degree is a negative side effect I'm trying to ignore.

Mickey Young

See this guy gets it.

Buzz Crooks

It's not the GTA! It's Winnipeg. I know Highway 23!


Love this :)

dark wizard of tahini

I heard this song every day when i wrote my master's thesis. It is only a glimpse into the heartbreak which is academic life.

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