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Just Stay
by Kevin Devine

I found my fickle friend
Out in the alley way
He said, You don't look so good
I said, "Hey doc that's great
You started practicing ?
I never got the note
So let's shake and trade
And be on our way "
Let's go, go, go

So here we are again
Inside your neon shrine
Sharing a chopping block
Beneath embarrassed light
That tries to hide from us
It tucks itself away
So we both grab hold
And say no you don't
Just stay, just stay

And I'm racing towards
The one mistake
That locks me in my place
The judgement call
That justifies the smirk stuck on my face
My crooked life scared straight and stiff
By the last wrong turn I'll take
But I'm not there yet so come purr, my pet
Let's play, let's play

The morning's hot and harsh
My notebook fills itself
The words come thick with sweat
It feels like someone else
Is writing all of this
Someone I just can't believe
When I mop my brow
Set my pen back down
It's still me, still me

And I'm grabbing at a feeling now
That I can't ever name
Some sign post to remind me
How I wanted things this way

And she said, it's pretty
But you hate yourself
I can hear it clear as day
And I say, a sin like this
It sounds worse than it is
I'm okay, okay
I'm okay, okay
Just stay, just stay

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