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1 AM
Kazumi Totaka/Managa Tominaga/Shiho Fujii Lyrics

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Beautiful Creatures Jacked up Cracked up Smacked across my face. Pulled down…
Cayman Me come esta ansiedad por verte Me tienes esperándote toda l…
The Hacienda A dirty thing you've really done Is that the desert or…
Vizionary Yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah Woah woah woah Aye Said it's …

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Comments from YouTube:

Hey Um

This is such a peaceful music I'm in love with it and its making me get the game!!


Kiana West not really, you can request songs

Kiana West

In new leaf, I might add.

Kiana West

Anime Girl I hate to break it to ya but there's a pretty slim chance of finding that album. Not slimmer than others, it's just that there's a lot of albums and you can only buy one or two that are randomly generated that day.

Arya Beltaine

ah anyone else here from in love with a ghost? such nice vibes ^-^

Nicholas Smith

@Karla Anaya Thanks for the reference. Ever heard of guardin, dizralph.c?

aleyna Korkmaz

Me too 😊

Tigerlily Wildflower


Karla Anaya

Meeee, btw have you guys listen to outgoing hikkimori? This guy is amazing!

Pedro Piranda

me too, yes very nice

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