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Luigi's Mansion: Main Theme
Kazumi Totaka Lyrics

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Brave is the man who fears nothing

Braver is the man who faces his fears




Sounds dumb but what if your fear is that you have no fears?

Andres Romano


bacon loving vampire 45



@Prince Charming Thank you for your very very very inspirational quotes.

If you were to put '-You ain't no air fighter mac' at the end I could understand why and the fact it's not a joke.

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Mario in his own games: Wahoo! Fun and adventure! The environment I'm in is so child friendly!

Luigi in his games: this is hell and I am in it.

Deimos YT Pixel gun gamer luke YT


Based Mario

To be fair I would be really fucking terrified too


Another example of how Nintendo shafts Luigi. But at least Luigi has his own game and has been a staple to Smash since the very first game in the series, unlike a certain purple hat wearer...R.I.P.

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