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Luigi's Mansion: Main Theme
Kazumi Totaka Lyrics

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I actually found this song, scared the crap out of me, left the room and came back the song was half over. I've played the game before you don't expect that. That was probably the scariest thing about this game.

Kray Kidboy

I was just sitting there talking to my cousin and I was like, "DID YOU HEAR THAT NOISE" when it like whistles. It spooked me at first XD then I was like oh shit it's a bop.


Earthium If you find this scary, look at the beta game over screen!

Prince Bunny

Yeah coming across this as a kid scared the fuck out of me, but I still loved this game. The whistling sound in the beginning sounded like terrifying screams

Raspberry Cyanide

InputNameHere I personally prefer the animal crossing version preformed by K.K. Slider


Yea. As much as people say the Totaka's Song is really cool I think they're all pretty creepy. No matter how up beat this one is, it still sounds like something you'd hear being chased by someone in a hallway. At least, in my imagination... Also, just the waiting that you have to do makes it really awkward and creepy and the waiting in this game is worse because of those sounds. I don't know what it is about those damn sounds, but they scare he living shit out of me. I just don't know why.

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This is the most badass rendition of totaka's song ever

No Drip Left Behind

"Now in stunning 240p quality!"


Now in putrid 2160p quality

Colonel Rubix

@GNSASHB little did you know, your days were soon to be the olden days

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