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田中宏和 Lyrics

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A lot of people says this "sounds like this and that" but in reality it sounds like Earthbound music. Earthbound influenced all those games. Especially Pokemon and The early Paper Mario games


... earthbound influenced mother?

Green Kirby

Mother 1 is now called Earthbound Beginnings stateside. It's perfectly cromulent to refer to the series' games as "Earthbound".


@CB mother was originally called earthbound but I'm not sure if that guy knew that


This is literally earthbound music were are these comments coming from?

Bagel God

@BlackPanther Nigga ok then…

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This version of this song is really interesting with my synesthesia... it feels ancient, dusty, expansive, strongly associated with browns and blues rather than pinks, and also with mist... I can't stop listening, I feel like I could fall into it.

bofa shuckle

happy tuesday


How does something feel ancient


Maybe that's your magicant

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