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Day 2
Grant Kirkhope Lyrics

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Famous Dex & Diego Money Know they laugh know what I'm sayin'? Like, like, this year …
Readymade Wasting my time, and the pain makes it easier Out every…

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Gobi's Valley Down in Gobi's Valley there's gonna be a lot to…

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Jared Johnston


0:17 What has Grant worked on? / Has Grant seen the viral Goldeneye TikTok?

1:40 Where do you even start on something like the Banjo theme? And talking about Rare (4:15 Grant wrote it based on the genre? And inspiration)

8:12 Banjo-Tooie

9:29 How much effort do you put into making sure things sound distinct to each game? (11:05 Grant's actual job title when he joined Rare? And what was it like when he joined?)

12:55 How much of the job at Rare was also sound design? And how did he approach sound design for Banjo?

15:52 How does he feel about his work on Banjo now?

17:10 Does Grant ever take the time to think about the impact he had?

21:13 What was it like to work on Goldeneye, especially as a British boy? (23:03 How long did it take to make?)

24:30 Game dev, and alot to learn / The corporate ladder

28:14 How big were the teams at Rare back then?

29:18 How does Grant feel about how composing has changed over the last 20 years?

30:20 What went into making Banjo-Kazooie: Re-Jiggyed? How was the experience recreating those tracks? (31:42 Where you can find it!) / 32:12 How does that work licensing wise? / Royalties

37:20 More on Re-Jiggyed, and DK RAP?!

38:55 Where you can find influencer Grant! (Link in description)

That's it! Haven't done these for an interview like this, so hope they help! Take care, all 👍

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deshaun fortune

The man responsible for that legendary Goldeneye pause music!

Andrew Torres

I like how laidback and relaxed you are in these types of interviews

ItsMe NoName

@Alanah Pearce those are the best.

Alanah Pearce

Thank you! It’s mostly just because I’m having conversations I want to have/am not actually thinking about it being an ‘interview’. I’m just talking to someone about something I’m interested in and recording it.


Those goldeneye tracks are a masterpiece

Glen Harris

This man oozes Yorkshire.

Love how down to earth this all was. Great interview.


This guy shaped my childhood when it comes to video game scores :D

Alanah Pearce


Marvin Kö

I adore Grant's work. It's oozing personality. I remember looking forward to the tunes of new worlds in Banjo-Kazooie more than anything else as a child. It's a giant part of what motivated me to keep playing instruments, get education in music theory and finally write my own piece for a brass orchestra. It's kinda shit compared to anything he's done but still: Thanks for the inspiration!


Absolute nicest guy you could ever talk to. Dude responded to almost every tweet he got and really enhanced my childhood in a lot of ways. He is a gem to this world that I am grateful for, forever.

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