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Day 2
Grant Kirkhope Lyrics

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Readymade Wasting my time, and the pain makes it easier Out every…

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Gobi's Valley Down in Gobi's Valley there's gonna be a lot to…

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Comments from YouTube:


Here to watch this for the millionth time to celebrate banjo being in Smash


@Liam Withers Oh god how would that go in the reveal trailer?!😂

Pork Cracklins

I honestly prefer the Danny era, but this might be the greatest episode of Grumps of all time.


I came back to this for jon the best era danny is the 2nd best era.


I'm watching it for the first time a few weeks after he was announced



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Arin - Grump
Jon - Not So Grump
Grant - Grumpiest


Dan - dad or sex story.

Ty Walsh

xRGTMx Fockin wankas


Hey I'm Grump
I'm not so Grump
And I'm the Grumpiest
Game Grumps

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