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Ballade No.1 in G minor Op.23
Krystian Zimerman Lyrics

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Fioryelagamay Schaburras

@Dragonsong Keep trying and always be critical of yourself. Constructively.

However, after analyzing your comment... Have you considered being more kind, gentle or patient with yourself?

Your current mindset is not unlike of someone who has not heard comforting words from your background, upbringing and early social experiences. Friends, family, strangers...
You do not need the praise of someone, while learning. Learning is also making errors, once in a while.

When your [subjective] need to become good or great [at this piece], exceeds your own mind's limiting self belief - the willpower appears before you, like magic almost. You will excel. Excellence through countless of hours practicing on the piano, and being constructive about your current state [of abilities]. Analyzing the movement of your fingers combined with your mind. Flow. Synergy.

(Also, eating physiologically correct and resting adequately to maximize your brain's full potential. Fuel and energy).

With knowledge comes possibilites to open your mind. Everything is a skill.

Don't always trust your inner voice.

A hope, for the best - to you, from me. No matter if you succeed or not - on your personal terms and goals.

klixxy 523

I started the piano at a young age- five or six years old. My mom forced me to start. When I was younger, I really hated the piano. I had no interest in classical music and wanted to quit so many times. I went to bed countless days after a fight with my mom about the piano with tears in my eyes. Around two years ago, I quit playing piano for around six months when we moved and my mom was starting to lighten up and stop forcing me into things, but I found that I could not longer stay away after having played so long. When my mom asked me if I wanted to play piano again, I hesitated, but found I only had one answer I could say: yes.

It's now been around 9 years since I first sat down on that piano stool at five year old and put my hands on the keys. I enjoy playing piano now, and am so glad that my mom forced me to continue with it all those years ago. It's an art, a passion, a part of my soul. It's a blank canvas with which I can express myself.

When I first heard this piece a couple years ago at a figure skating competition (not live, unfortunately), I was mesmerized, not only by the performance and the skating, but by the intensity and beauty of the music. It is a rollercoaster of emotion; a story, a life.

I've played the piano for almost nine years now- only with dedication for around three, and only started loving it for around two. I'm not quite an amateur pianist, but I know that it's impossible for me to play this piece yet. I really hope to play this piece one day... no, I will play this piece one day.

It is my dream piece, after all.

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This performance probably set the standard for eternity

Just Shan

I think in this era, we don't have anyone who's close to playing
at this level. (2021).

Duy Duong

@Mr.Fahrenheit My preferences:
#1 Seong-Jin Cho (go listen to all 4 of his ballades, actually. He is fairly young, but has an amazing recording of the 4 ballades)
#2 Zimmerman

#3 Rubenstein
#4 Kissin
#5 Yundi Li


@Tess Eli I agree

Just Shan


chris p

It absolutely has!! This performance is the gold standard for this piece

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"Chopin is the greatest of them all, for with the piano alone he discovered everything."

- Claude Debussy


@Mat Dfiore ouch

Arian Firoozi


Southe Sou

@Mat Dfiore lol😂

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