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BOX 15
Masafumi Takada Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Masafumi Takada:

Danganronpa! Danganronpa! Monokuma se mama mato a un chi go de personas…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

expired juice


Just realized the title of the song is what we thought the number of students that were in the killing game (Chapters 1-4)
Then when Box 16 plays, that's where we know about Mukuro. (Chapter 5 and 6)

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Nate M.

I'm trying to bust a criminal, not bust a move.


I did both when playing danganronpa lol

Quick Man

loud Bubble Bobble screeching




Mr. Raiho over here knows what he's talking abt

Arthur Dias

Porque no los dos?

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"Oh no! One of my friends was brutally murdered!"
(Box 15 starts playing)
"Ok, now the fun part begins!"

Alejandro 2006

me: (starts dancing to the music)

the other students in the investigation: 0_o


@Midnight Capricorn had to do it >:)

Midnight Capricorn

@Testity How dare you.

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