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BOX 15
Masafumi Takada Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Masafumi Takada:

Danganronpa! Danganronpa! Monokuma se mama mato a un chi go de personas…
Trigger Happy Havoc Reality slips far away, Fiction comes alive, we start to pla…

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Rene And Knuckles

As Someone who hasn't played the games. This is good shit.

UPDATE: I can Play Ace Attorney instead :)

2nd UPDATE: I know y'all are bloody begging me to play those games. Give me some fucking breathing room. Jeez. I still have some games I wanna get for me backlog. It's only a matter of time before I start playing the games that should've been books in the first place.

3rd UPDATE: Hey. It's been a while. So I got a mutual who's gonna help me with touring the Danganronpa trilogy (plus the third person spin off title that's canon to the series). So yeah. After 3 years since I made this comment. Back when I used to be a High School student who made this comment during Summer Vacation because the soundtrack for this slaps. I'm finally gonna experience Danganronpa for the very first time now. Hope your constant yelling was worth it.

4th UPDATE: It appears that the first game is on Xbox GamePass. I went for it. Yeah. That's all I can say lol. You guys won.

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MrReyes 500

High school kid: *Dies horribly and alone.*

Classmates: Let's get funky

King's Tomato

@Tyler Sprouse literally every chapter 3 murderers : we can fix that

⊹ mur !

​@Rock YES


that wasnt funny keep yourself safe

BruhIm win

This is Japan

O Filósofo (Ou um fumante)

@Rock bruh

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Box 15 is such a badass investigation theme. The jazz really makes me feel like it’s some 90’s detective show

subway koopa

@Julio Ayala ????


@Julio Ayala lol sorry

Julio Ayala

@Kristyan1197 you're white stop

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