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As You Sleep
Psyclon Nine Lyrics

By the machines
That hold you on this side

Anger or fear
So calm
I cease to live
I fear my infection

Watching over your soul as you sleep
Injecting nightmares as you sleep
Injecting nightmares as you sleep
Infecting nightmares as you sleep

All I want is your purity
All I want in this world is your mind
The timeless place tamed by your psyche

Living in the world of dreams
Always sleeping

Unlike the feigned peace
Brought by morphine
That lay discarded at my feet

I float in blackness
Wrench myself away
Down deserted hallways filled with eerie light

The muted screams of the dying
Pierced my soul like a dull and rusted needle

As I stumble in my morphine haze
Barely conscious of the predawn light
That filters through steel meshed windows
Keeping out your life
Reigning in your death

I stumble past the coated watchers
Break into a run
Yearning for the air outside

I never stop thinking of you

Contributed by Charlie E. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


The best song ever.

steve harris

I have this for a ringtone

Nuclear Waste



+steve harris Me too.

Takeo Gaming

So awesome

Patrick Smith

man this shit sounds like 2020 not 2003

Eli P

When I have good dreams. It's my soul haunting me...? So if someone had a million great souls they would be godlike competitional? How did you know this in 2003


Einfach nur geil!

Marissa Daugherty

i like it more right now for the background techno music. but the vocals r growing on me :)

Nuclear Waste

this is no techno mate this is called aggrotech google it and read more about underground scene before posting something you never saw or know about it.

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