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Sashamon Lyrics

I met a girl today
I couldn’t believe it
Birds they flew around her
a butterfly on her shoulder

saw her walking down the street
was like a dream
I gave her a flower
But she didn’t need it

She’s so sweet
Birds they flew around her
She’s so necta
a butterfly on her shoulder

say I wanna talk to you and get to know you
she say she’s got to go to a party maybe I’ll see you there
wanna be her man and I think I can
so I can hold her hand and be close to her

like wings of the butterfly my hearts a flutter
wish she was mine but I’m such a boy

wanna take her to my room
fill it with her sweet perfume
leave a note for her when I go

wanna be her man
I think I can
so I can hold her hand
and be close to her

she’s so sweet….

Wish I was like the butterfly
Close to her

Contributed by Liam A. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


My dad said this song was the fisrt thing he thought about when he walked outta jail 😂

Alexander Barrera

The first line is the best for anyman getting out of prison lol

Logi Tee

Poor unkz. Send him much alofa(love) from us.

Jdoggy Dogg

Unkz was wishing he was tha butterfly

x vice

2020 still here cuz. Miss Hawaii ever since I joined the Army. I no forget good times my dad them drinking and having a good time. Aloha braddahs and sistas 😭😀

Adrianna Kyle

My first boyfriend used to think of me when he heard this. For this, I will always love this song.

kelly white

I hope your second boyfriend doesn’t read this comment! Lol

Kaimana Nakea

2019 still here big up sashamon

João Victor

2020 still here

Jack Kobylarz

RIP Buttons Kaluhiokalani

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