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Projectile Comet
Secret Band Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Secret Band:

Delete The Believer Insistent bitch, you burst my ear drums close range, your…
O Palios Mou Eaftos Kathe fora pou se kito Svino ta dakria apto mialo me apofevg…
Stuck and Glued Wake and bake it slowly Yo it's that bitch, run! It's a…

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Comments from YouTube:

Words Records

Jon's going on about egg yolk citizens again ... whatever that means ...

Sk im

@HellaRepublican繊細な 退治 but it's provocative, it keeps the people going!

HellaRepublican繊細な 退治

Bearded Rizz no one knows what it means

Lawren Theroux

does egg yolk citizen come from bird fuck specimen, or?

Words Records

Push that shit yo


Bearded Rizz Oh ik I'm just pushing information

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Justin Brackett

"Obliferous, gentery, 
Smecterbice, ahpurgikaw
Combuchinee, arkinade, shargenol, bergentibrock"

I thought i was having a stroke for a second.... but now I'm just kinda hungry.

Asymmetry Studios

"Take me to another place where i can wave at passing stars, and ask the one who's held responsible why planets spin like art. Drop an obelisk on top of men and teach them how to carve. A machine that sees the flaws to make circles out of shards."

That's one of the best written phrases i have EVER read. I love this single phrase to death and it is the main reason why i keep coming back to this song.


Followed by that invention screen. Hes a god

SkeletalSounds _

absolutely stunning lyrics

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