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6 Underground
Sneaker Pimps Lyrics

Take me down
6 underground
The ground beneath your feet
Laid out low
Nothing to go
Nowhere a way to meet.

I've got a head full of drought
Down here
So far off of losing out
Round here
Overground, watch this space
I'm open to falling from grace.

Calm me down
Bring it round
Too way high off your street
I can see
Like nothing else
In me
You're better than I wannabe
Don't think 'cos I understand
I care,
Don't think 'cos I'm talking
We're friends
Overground, watch this space
I'm open to falling from grace

Talk me down
Safe and sound,
Too strung up to sleep
Wear me out
Scream and shout
Swear my time's never cheap
I fake my life like I've lived
Too much,
I take whatever you're given; not enough,

Overground, watch this
Space, I'm open
I fake my life like I've lived
Too much,
I take whatever you're given; not enough,
Overground, watch this
Space, I'm open
To falling
From grace.

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Jim Ruderer

@Jungle Bunny again, re-read what "beat by a mile" was replying to: "so much variety". Comprehension. It helps.

Deftones first album came out in 1995. Second in 1997. Just because YOU don't know 90s music doesn't mean other people don't.

Again, my focus is on the variety of music in all three decades. You keep trying to drag it into a "90s rock is better than everything" wank session.

So have fun. Try not to get any on you.

You seem like someone who REALLY NEEDS to get the last word in so go ahead and do it.

Just know that I'm done reading your attempts so don't expect a response.

Jim Ruderer

@Jungle Bunny you're trying to contaminate the whole argument with your own personal agenda. Re-read the comment I replied to then re-read my reply.

I started talking about the variety seen in the decades in question.

You're the one who started making claims about one being objectively better than the other. A claim you can't substantiate. You can't even address the argument about the amount of variety with facts, only assertions that you're right.

Initially, I was going to go into more of a reply but I know your type. It's not worth my time when you're convinced that nobody can tell you you're wrong, so I'm not even going to try.

I can explain it all to you but I can't understand it for you.

Jim Ruderer

@Jungle Bunny and I hate people conflating their subjective opinion with facts. There is no objective way to say what music was "better." You might like it more but that doesn't make it better.

Personally, I think that the fact that so many acts from the sixties have had such an influence on subsequent acts is an undeniable hallmark of the quality of the music.

What measures are you using to say the 90s were objectively the most diverse and eclectic period ever?

The first half of the 80s alone was more diverse and especially more eclectic than the 90s. By the 90s, everyone was trying to latch onto the next big fad and try to be as much like that as possible, so a lot of it just sounded the same. There were a few truly great, original standouts like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, RATM, Green Day, Tupac, Biggie, Wu-Tang, peak Whitney and Mariah, Deftones, Eminem, and Guns n Roses was the biggest band on planet Earth.

Everything else was trying to sound like those guys. That's not eclectic. That's not greatness.

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Nad G


Steve Smith

I agree! There is like such a chill vibe, like a chill Depeche Mode vibe yet a Trent Reznor vibe at the same time. Like super chill industrial . Its unexplainable! It just kicks ass!


Same response I had when I bought it new, just after it was released.
A real shame that they couldn't get along to make more music... They may not have liked each other, but they were good!
Spin Spin Sugar


@John Perkins try Hooverphonic. 2 wicky


@John Perkins so worth the search tho, right? ❤️

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The Late Boy Scout

Includes a sample from the Goldfinger soundtrack. It's the scene, about 17 minutes in, where Bond wakes up to find the girl covered in gold paint.

drummerfella 55

...and the 'What's up'...phrase...was Bond calling Felix Leiter, and that's the 1st thing he says to bond on the phone, 'What's up'. Very clever...that they 'borrowed' these little themes'...from that Film. Love this Tune!

Adrian Stevens

@Lou Cipher yea they ripped them off

Lou Cipher

Starts about a minute in.

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