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Hunger Strike
Temple of the Dog Lyrics

I don't mind stealin' bread from the mouths of decadents
But I can't feed on the powerless when my cup's already overfilled, yeah
But it's on the table, the fire's cookin'
And they're farmin' babies, while slaves are workin'
The blood is on the table and the mouths are chokin'
But I'm goin' hungry, yeah

I don't mind stealin' bread from the mouths of decadents
But I can't feed on the powerless when my cup's already overfilled, uh huh
But it's on the table, the fire's cookin'
And they're farmin' babies, while the slaves are all workin'
And it's on the table, their mouths are chokin'
But I'm goin' hungry (goin' hungry)

I'm goin' hungry (goin' hungry)
I'm goin' hungry (goin' hungry)
I'm goin' hungry (goin' hungry)

I'm goin' hungry (goin' hungry)
I'm goin' hungry (goin' hungry)

(Yeah, I don't mind stealin' bread) uh, I don't mind
(No, I don't mind stealin' bread)
I'm goin' hungry (goin' hungry)
I'm goin' hungry (goin' hungry)

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: Christopher J Cornell

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Vladimir Petrović

open those baby blues people! be a part of the solution, not the problem...
we can do it together! we can do it all! as one!
we simply light the whole planet on fire at once (the stuff that'll burn aaanyways),
we gather around the fire, dance and keep warm... together as one!
those who are already too warm... floods will take care of ya!
sure... it may become a little to ''burnie'' or a bit too ''drownie'' at some point...
but we will all do it together... at once... as one!
we have the means and a kick ass soundtrack, that's 1/2 the job done you guys!
we just need to give the old planet a small nudge in the right direction...
all together now... at once... as one!

Dumpy Goodness

it's actually pretty revolutionary, like Zeppelin and Sabbath DOING A SONG TOGETHER!

Like Metallica and Slayer doing a song together!

Like King Crimson and YES doing a song together!

Like Black Flag and FUGAZI doing a song together!

Like Pink Floyd and Iron Butterfly doing a song together!

Like the Beatles and The Monkees doing a song together!


I drove over 8 hours a day for 10 days straight going to MOAB and Colorado this summer. I had to have had this song on repeat because my mother was PISSED after what I thought was the third time playing it, but in reality it must have been the 30th time at least. Lmao. I spent those 80 hours learning to sing like Chris Cornell when I was alone (jokes on her) and it literally made my entire trip on top of the sights. This little mission impossible shindig was just the icing on top. I'll never be exactly like this Super-sayan singer, but I'll be damned if I don't get as close as I can like an asymptote to an intersection.

I began learning to sing about 4 years ago. For background, I was poor as hell growing up. We couldn't afford McDonalds' value menu - that was a luxury. My mom bought me a casio electric piano for my birthday when I was 8 or 9. I didn't have lessons and my mom didn't have time. I learned to play myself. When something sounded good, I remembered what I did. When it didn't - I remembered not to play that again that way.

And from then on that's how I've learned to play music and now apparently sing! I had NO IDEA I could sing... If you had asked me if I could sing like someone that you would stop in the middle of the street just to listen to I would have laughed and called you delusional.

Four years ago I started going to college again. I worked there full-time/did school full-time to graduate. 4 years later I graduated. During that time I was VERY stressed and often overwhelmed with life, school, family, friends, and my mother. If I didn't have music during that time I wouldn't have made it. Singing brought a new level music I had never known to my brain and my reality. It made me feel accomplished and gave me the ambition to do even greater. Thankfully I didn't quit trying!

Year one: I'm terrible - I have an idea of what I want to sing but I can't even understand tone yet.
Year two: I'm bad - I know the tone in my head now, I think, but I can't seem to sing it clearly...
Year three: I'm okay - My tone still isn't quite polished (a little rough but the idea is there!)
Year four: Light bulb moment - Holy shit. I sang Frank Sinatra's - My Way but I still need to polish it up.
Year five: I MURDERED My Way and I can improvise old 40s-50s songs and even sing modern songs by Chris CORNELL, Linkin Park, and Adam Lavine (SUCH A WIDE RANGE) and I may not be perfect yet but I'm THERE.
Year six: Coming soon!

Lessons learned: DO NOT give up for NOTHING. I may have had some luck in my life but I did NOT get here by sheer luck. I worked my ass off every day and suffered equally as much mentally and physically. This motto got me through it all: "You have to get through this. You have to keep going. Your family is depending on you. You have to keep going. You don't have a choice". I later evolved from that motto into: "I want to do great things before I die. I have the ability to make it if I just keep working hard like I have been. I'm doing this for me now, my friends and family included along the way :). I will never lose sight of what I started but at least now I have a direction to go but down. And I'm happier because of that."

You WILL get there one day. Keep pushing and never stop budging. If you slip and fall get your ass off the ground because the ground is a cold and sickening place to be. It will plague you before you know it. Keep moving, keep that chin up and KEEP A SMILE even when you feel like shit. It helps mentally. I wish I had known this 4 years ago... Lol. Smile for god's sake (force it if you have to) and loosen up. Sit up straight. Eat a good meal. Take a shower EVERY day. Don't sleep 10+ hours a day. Wash your clothes. Do your dishes and above all, cook yourself some food!

I could go on for days but this is the longest Youtube comment I've ever wrote. I hope someone sees it and it changes their life for the better. That's all I care about and all I want for you all. I hope you have a great rest of your week/weekend! You deserve happiness in your life.

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Roxy Reyes

The song hits the soul Chris Cornell was an angel

Juan Carlos

CambadA. Laft9ee

Ruth Terreri

He was.

zip zip


Simona leone

As my sea 8 fronte spiaggia malinconica., #Primadelbuio#⚡🎉🤠♾️🤥⏩

Simona leone

Clear more than sun!

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ShoeNice 22

i came home from desert storm to this song

Mike Trower

Same. Hard to believe it's been 30 years...

Kirstine Termansen

Not bad, at all, young spirit, connect to the furture ❤️✌️

Mike E

I arrived to the 82nd with this song lol

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