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A Little Time
The Beautiful South Lyrics

I need a little time to think it over
I need a little space just on my own
I need a little time to find my freedom
I need a little

Funny how quick the milk turns sour, isn't it, isn't it?
Your face has been looking like that for hours, hasn't it, hasn't it?
Promises, promises turn to dust
Wedding bells just turn to rust

Trust into mistrust

I need a little room to find myself
I need a little space to work it out
I need a little room all alone
I need a little

You need a little room for your big head, don't you, don't you?
You need a little space for a thousand beds, won't you, won't you?
Lips that promise, fear the worst
Tongue so sharp, the bubble burst

Just into unjust

I've had a little time to find the truth
Now I've had a little room to check what's wrong
I've had a little time, and I still love you
I've had a little

You had a little time and you had a little fun, didn't ya, didn't you?
While you had yours, do you think I had none, do you, do ya?
The freedom that you wanted bad
Is yours for good, I hope you're glad

Sad into unsad

I had a little time to think it over
Had a little room to work it out
I found a little courage to call it off
I've had a little time

I've had a little time
I've had a little time
I've had a little time

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Written by: Dave Rotheray, Paul Heaton

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Comments from YouTube:


It was not until the 3rd of 4th time I heard this song that I really began to get the feel of it....this grea interpersonal drama, the female hurt and then standing her ground, the male unable to commit and wanting his space, his time...and then the confrontation, her literally chopping off his sentences as he offered his defense, his explanation, words she now heard as insincere lies and that she now knew by heart. What a fanastic and dramatic little bit of work it is....:-)

Scott Smith

You may have posted that many years ago but beautiful south are such a heart felt group and there lyrics are so meaningful, they are just so amazing

Elliott Marshall

Anyone here in quarantine!?

louise hanson

my daughter an son used to sing this brilliantly used to make me cry then my boy died :(

Shh Winner

That's so sad

Kim Warburton

Bless you xxx

Melody Pond

My Granny & Grandad play this song in the car all the time. I'm 16 now, and this song helps so much. Thank you G&G 💕💕

Yorkshire Gamer

Funny how a song can bring tears to your eyes, isn't it? Isn't it?

Elizabeth Weaver

When you had yours did you think I had none did yet, did yer?

Anonymous Peaceful person

Yorkshire Gamer 👍🏻 yep- along with u2 with or without you - looks familiar those words.... only thing it’s 19 years later I found the courage....

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