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Catching A Falling Stone
The Cedar Lyrics

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Don Ever since the lucky night I found you I've hung around…
You Don't Want To Know You don't know what love is 'Til you've learned the meaning…

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Connor Williams

Okay so I tried to do a little physics to solve this using insulation calculations as well as Newton's Equations of Cooling (Tt=Tsur + (T0 - Tsur)e-rt): I get a result of between 3 and 9 days, but the higher confidence is at around 3.6 days.

Calculations and assumptions below:

Temp water at fill = 25 C
Ambient temperature of the freezer = -18 C (average temp of a household freezer)
Height of the trashcan = 4 ft
Diameter of the trashcan = 3 ft
Volume of water = 80 L = 21.13 Gal
R value/in of freezer insulation = 9
Insulation thickness of freezer = 3 in

Turns out this kind of thing is almost impossible to model since each freezer is different and the insulation thickness and effectiveness are critical to making a reliable prediction. As well the water is not static completely and even minute currents in the container can throw the numbers waaaay off. So the estimate above is just a super rough guess and I will be interested to see the actual answer if someone guesses it right!

Hahaha! I wasn't prepared for this kind of response :)... Thank you all for your kind words, but I'm no genius or anything like that. I may be a scientist but my field is in Toxicology, not Physics. Quite a few comments are right - I did use google to find the equations and input values (scientists do this all the time; we can't memorize everything). Just solving the equation is basic math than anyone can do at about a high school level. So to all of you out there who are praising my math skills... You can do it too! Anyone can with a little time and a little focus. The real trick is not solving a given problem or even knowing how to solve it. The trick is being able to recognize that a problem given to you CAN be solved with a little science. From there, anyone has the power to make it happen. Cheers to you all!

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4 days to freeze ?


Why was this the top comment???

Katy David

@Luke Meola 1:57 did you watch

Brady Slawson

You suck if you scrolled done this far


@Luke Meola why do you think? and yes i know im 3 years late.

Sebastian Sebastian


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Ben Duncan

HR in 2017: 20kg, this is pretty heavy, I'm pretty nervous


HR in 2021: W E A R D R O P P I N G A I C E B L O C K O N A A N V I L

Eli Merrill



“We drop stuff on other stuff”
HowRidiculous 2k18

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