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World Is Spinning
The Disco Biscuits Lyrics

Ambulance, sirron spinning
The street is blocked on eather side
A crowed that lingers looking in
Field mullisha
Colt bolt blue
Broken glass on top of streets
Through tv camaras straight to you

And Ohhhhhhhhhhhh
The world is spinning out of control
And Ohhhhhhhhhhhh
The world is spinning out of control

All those wizards
Steal till morning
Wating to turn the bitches round
For a dream that we should build around

Buracrats, double crossing
Alay, full moon into sew
It started long ago

And Ohhhhhhhhhhh
the world is spinning out of control
And Ohhhhhhhhhhh
the world is spinning
Maybe I should think aloud
Turn these words back up side down
On a silver plater
Here you go
and your petals burning on the stove

the world is spinning out of control
the world is spinning

Contributed by Jackson W. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Zach Leach

Regardless of what people think. These guys are good, and their guitarist is good, and at the time, this song was prophetic..

Jacob Phillips

what the heck this is like the best electro jam band of all time

John Soh

This is starting to sound like the theme song to 2020

Terence O'Kane

i know the bicuits are really a 'music video' band but im really glad they made a video for this song its so socially and politically charged that it helps to have those visuals of what theyre singing about its not like most of their songs, that bring a smile to your face its a song that should slam you in the head when they play it, and make you say "wow, the world really is just spinning out of control"

Bryan Flood

I love his vocals they really show humanity in all its messiness. He's definately no Freddie Mercury but I don't want him to be.


The first 25 seconds are the best part of the song

Kyle Pavlus

Loved seeing/listening to Bisco...till I got sober


I love how bisco folks get so emotional on message boards. I used to get really belligerent sometimes...I think it was the molly.


Brownie is soo shady lol. They have their moments, and when they are on, its sick, really, really, sick, but not always...Bisco just isn't that consistent with their shows but it's totally worth checking them out if you haven't seen them yet. The scene is what it is, no one is forced to take part in it, same with phish.

Patrick Hoburg

My first festival in ‘06 I walk into the revival tent at Clinton State Park and had never heard this kind of music before. It was my first song at a festival. Had just walked up the hill from our freshly built campsite. It was this song and I was five years into learning about the world after 9/11.

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