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Find Your Cloud
Papadosio Lyrics

Dream out loud and make no sound
Find your cloud and ride it 'round

Contributed by Violet F. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


this was my friends favorite song while he was with us on this earth. I will forever love this song.. r.i.p to a great friend with great music choice.


Much love


Sending endless love your way



Molly S

Literally same...

Stephanie Ramsey

It’s a good one. Your friend still jams out to this song for sure ❤️ Happy new year

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Lief Ericson

Does this make anybody else feel like, sad? Or wistful?
I hear everybody saying how this song is such a vibe and how happy it makes them.
But there's a subtle emptiness in the silence between notes that the sound is structured around, the melody is beating around the bush, dancing on the edges of a scary question.
And that question is;
"Did this make you happy?"
And the answer (unfortunately) more often than not is,

Sam Cartwright

I think that's more cause you're missing something in life. Take a day to meditate and think about what makes you happy. Hope you figure out whatever that is.

Travis Rogers

This album in particular is my favorite, the amount of creative flow helps occupy my mind with wonder. good for positive creativity while blowing glass. Keep filling empty voids in our mind with creative and positive melodies.

Ivory Hoodlum

Awesome track guys, I never get sick of this one. Any time I'm feeling a bit down or it's gloomy outside and my perspective is warped, I just remind myself to find my cloud.

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