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Lotus Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Bellwether' by these artists:

Joe Henry I'm going to climb that hill and look out across Climb…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Lotus:

Anti-Gravity I used to shut down - With judgment and affliction,…
Blue ( quasimodo ) Belle Cest un mot quon dirait inventé pour…
Fearless One look from you and everything goes slow I'm getting dizzy…
Good People Come gather round good people While I have money to spend Fo…
Jump Off Whoa! (Whoa!) Whoa! (Yeah) Aiyyo Tim man this the jump off…
Monochrome Wake with the sun what's going on, when you're gone fall a…
Mystery how many ways can you say its everything and yet nothing d…
Sodium Vapor And we tripped through the woods to hear the traffic Climbed…

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Comments from YouTube:

Brandon Anderson

been starting backwards with lotus' catalog. (oil on glass and feather on wood) but hammerstrike is DOPE. this jam is just incredible. hope they play it sept 23rd. cross my fingers


Needs more cowbell ;)


This is a nice track. Cowbell for life! Am I right?


Yes but its meaning makes sense when used in that context

Dave Ostroff

I got a fever...

Chris Frith

@dcofosho224 Out with the old, in with the new, bring no regrets, and start anew


@Wompzomp HELLYEAH!! Starscape was IN SANEEE

Ryan Berte

i love the people who read shit online and are like "hmmmmmmmm i'm gonna spread some negativity..." someday you'll realize how much time you have wasted musix.

bret schlansky

Man, I had a cellar back in the day. It was pretty dank.

Charlie Barks

hahahahaha there u go kill em with vocab

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