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High and Low
This Is Deer Country Lyrics

You've got
A lonely way of walking
You've got a lonely way of talking
You've got a lonely way
Of loving me

We were walking through
The bright sky
And I was falling through
Your bright eyes
I was calling name to
The nighttime

You're breathing real softly
I saw your lips rise beside me
High and low
High and low
High and low

In the dream
We were walking
And the ghosts
Were calling
And the water
Was rising up to meet me

And the tide was rolling in
You asked me where I'd been
Said I don't know
But I'm back
By the way

Looked down to the water
And the voice was getting louder
And the lake rolls and took you away

So I walked and I called for you
Come home here like you used to
But you were gone, you had gone,
Gone away

You got a lonely way of walking
You got a lonely way of talking
You got this lonely way
Of loving me

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Comments from YouTube:

Austin Smith

11 minutes for an unclear shot at the last 5 seconds. is this video foreal ?

Hannah Caudill

yolla bollys?

SoloCamXT Outdoors

Great video.. Like the dedication..

Jay B

Thanks for sharing your success with us all... This is a sweet video and congrats on a fine hunt and a nice trophy in the end...

Michael Mortara

Good stuff. Rive property looked like the Butte Sink

MadDawg Noll

I'm not asking where you're hunting. Especially since 6 years have past and in sure everything is totally different. Curious where y'all live though? I recognize the truck and stickers on the back window. (I know this is old video) I swear I've ran into y'all while hunting. I'm really good at remembering vehicles, not faces lol


Video shot! just in subject! WTF!!! Get

Video Channel



Just curious but where did you find all the grouse? I bow hunt and like you I want to hunt away from roads and people and I do not mind walking or hiking into a good area.
Thanks for the video.

Colton Ross

black rock?

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