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Crimson and Clover
Tommy James & The Shondells Lyrics

Ah, now I don't hardly know her
But I think I could love her
Crimson and clover

Ah when she comes walking over
Now I've been waitin' to show her
Crimson and clover over and over

Yeah, my, my such a sweet thing
I wanna do everything
What a beautiful feeling
Crimson and clover over and over

Crimson and clover over and over
Crimson and clover over and over
Crimson and clover over and over
Crimson and clover over and over

Crimson and clover over and over
Crimson and clover over and over

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: Peter Lucia, Tommy James

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Comments from YouTube:

Philippe Defossez

I remember playing this song over and over and over again as an eight year old, almost driving the whole family crazy. Today, at the age of sixty, the feeling's exactly the same. Point is: there's no such thing as being an "adult", for the child within knows nothing about age. And the right music melts all those years like snowflakes.

Dorsey Black

Same here. I played Crimson and Clover so many times as an 8 year old my Mom and Dad thought I was gonna wear out the jukebox in their bar. I had to hustle the patrons at pool 🎱 to get money for quarters.
I'm 60 now, and this song still "does it" for me.

Shaun Murphy

@sueishere25 very nicely put. Respect.


@feral mettle What about the lyrics?

Ellisa Silva

Amo essa música 🎶

matthew brig

Philippe, there is a song called the child in me from poets of the fall. Its not in this vein of song style but the message and melody are very nice. You might like it.

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Jason Wilson

My dad passed away a little over a month ago. This was one of his favorite songs. I've been listening to it here and there the past month or so. It brings me a bit of sadness but also helps me remember him. If you have your dad still around give him a hug for me.


Pretty much every single song ever published on youtube has this comment. Usually never about a mother... maybe mothers just live longer

Edgar Andara

I understand you, my dad loved this song and he passed away almost 2 years ago, miss him very much too, hugs for you and a bless for both of our dads.

C OB81

id love 2 but mine is n was a n much luv...chris, glasgow...

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