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Lord Of The Wind
Wotan Lyrics

The wind blows strong
Whipping the deck
Black swan of sea fly on the waves
Thunders and lightnings
The dark prophecy
"Bows to the west!"
Said a voice in me

Don't ask me to live in the fear of death
Don't ask me to die on the screw
Better to be food for eagles somewhere
Better to die with the sword in my hand

Lord of the wind
Take me where the sun goes down
Lord of the wind
Over there! Over there!
Lord of the wind, lord of the wind
Take me fastly
Oh lord of the wind

[Repeat 2nd verse]

[Repeat chorus]

Contributed by Josiah V. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


I need more of these bands.LOTS MORE!!!!



Janzer Battalion

Hail Wotan! Greetings From Finland!

Стефан Маламир

Pure fuckin' Heavy Metal. Salutation from Bulgaria !

Mario Sevciuc


Stelios F

D I S K A R A ! ! ! !

Alberto Rigotti


Suburban Patriot

Hail from the land of these guys!

Old Duelist

The Tab? :)


PURE POWER ! ! ! einai alania oi typoi derma kai spa8i sto live ti allo 8es ena megalo bravo sta paidia !

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