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Never Mess With Sunday
Yppah Lyrics


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Comments from YouTube:


thank you for making his song possible ❤️

therealdieso 15

Thanks for uploading this❤

Heber Gastelum Felix

Totally agree

Louie Markovitz

I can't believe this song doesn't have more views. So beautiful...

Anthony Dalaly

This song has the ability to take you out from yourself. Look at life from a different perspective. Out from the mind, out from your thoughts and the loud chatter outside. Realization period. Stop. Breath, and and feel grateful for this beautiful life we all have the pleasure and opportunity of living. Accept. Let this song help release massive amounts of confidence and peace with thyself. Countless times where this song has helped me become bigger than what I "thought" I was. Reminded me that deep down it is not what you get but who you become in the process. Enjoy the ride! There is nothing more important than for you to feel good. Give yourself a break. Know that you are doing the best you can, and trust that the God and the Universe has got you. Remember, "No matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow." All is well and Never...Never Mess with Sunday.

karla pena

kisses and hugs for you Anthony.. ty.

Whitney Elizabeth

Anthony Dalaly thank you for that. Every time I listen to this song, I look for this comment bc it is like the perfect description of what the song evokes within me. It's so nice to read someone else's take on it, to know that we're not alone in this crazy beautiful world! ✌🏼❤🎵

John Simmons

Anthony Dalaly outstanding comment, Anthony. I had a meeting today with my team in my office. I ended up sharing this message with them, while this song was being played in the background.. Everyone was moved by your comment. Thank you! Stay blessed.


talking about your comment once again. you are a gem.

Anthony Dalaly

Anything compared to PB&J is an honor lol.
As I am typing, I am smiling. Funny thing, I never meant for this to be posted. I wrote it all in the comment selection and didn't even mean to hit enter...thought maybe it was "too much". I Didn't even read it twice. 8 months later I received notifications of people responding. I thought oh sh*t! It posted.
The lesson here is... be you, all of you and don't ever be afraid. There are beautiful minds everywhere. Thank you.

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