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Tere Mere Saath
Lucky Ali Lyrics

तेरे मेरे साथ जो होता है
बात समझ में आती नहीं
तेरे मेरे साथ जो होता है
सबके साथ वो होता नहीं
जब सारा जग ही सोता है
फिर नींद हमें क्यों आती नहीं
ए ओवे ए
इंतजार में तेरी हूँ तू जरूर आए
ए ओवे ए
इस बहाने अब मेरा चाँद होके नूर आए
कुछ लमहों के लिए है यहाँ जरूर
कोई भी रहा नहीं यहाँ पे बेकसूर
जब दुनिया को देखूँ लगे सब रंगीन
सच्चा भी है झूठा भी है खुशी-ग़म यहीं
दिल वालों ने
सही मानो दिल दिया होगा
दिल वालों ने
कुछ ऐसा ही किया होगा
ना ना ना ना
करता नहीं मैं तुझसे कोई दिल्लगी
अच्छा हूँ या बुरा हूँ मैं हूँ यूँ ही सही
प्यार तेरा चाहा मैने दिल दे दिया
तुझसे बिछड़ के मैं जाऊँगा कहाँ
ए ओवे ए
इंतजार में तेरी हूँ तू जरूर आए
ए ओवे ए
इस बहाने अब मेरा चाँद होके नूर आए
ए ओवे ए
ए ओवे एइयाओआ
ए ओवे ए
ए आंबे एइयाओआ
ए ओवे ए
ए ओवे एइयाओआ
ए ओवे ए
ए ओवे एइयाओआ
ए ओवे ए
ए ओवे एइयाओआ
ए ओवे ए
ए ओवे एइयाओआ
ए ओवे ए
ए ओवे एइयाओआ

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

akshay shetty

I have a small confession to make

I used to save my pocket money everyday which was suppose to be my bus fare (3Rs per day) to get my hands over cassette of your father, sifar under Sony music.I used to walk back home just to save that money expecting I will have possession of something that was very priceless to me even today.

Those days normal cassette would cost 45 bucks while Sony labels used to be 75 Rs

Me being a young guy from 9th grade(2001) somehow was possessed to have that cassette anyhow and use it in my Aiwa Walkman with rechargeable battery

After 2 months when I finally made the said amount,the excitement I had was next level which I never felt ever after. The healing and smoothness still takes me to a different planet

I am generally god's fav kid(atleast I like to think like that)cause I have got what I wanted after that and I wished I could see my god next to me someday and it finally happened in year 2010 when I was coming back from Delhi to Bangalore (I was event managing common wealth games and was coming back to Bangalore) I saw him coming and sharing a smile and sitting just behind me(indigo flight)

I was nervous to go next to him cause I didn't wanna disturb my angel but just kept tilting back having a stare every few seconds just to have check on him

Finally when we landed I acknowledged and whispered bye gutted but happy to have seen him

Wish Selfies where popular than

I missed that

Generally I am not a celebrity liking person but the impact this legend had on me was unique even today I see all his latest interview and follow him

God bless him always and loads of love

Lucky Ali is not a artist he is a emotion,a universal emotion

All comments from YouTube:

Swapnil Afinwala Official

Lucky Ali Melodies are next level ❤️ just superb , my childhood memories❤️

Sumit Mehta


Ankit Singh

This song was 20 year ahead of it's time, still refreshing in 2020

Sudesh khawas

2021 actually 😂

Sanu Rawat

We don't deserve such singer mate.....

Mubashir Zaman

& it always will be bro❤❤❤from 🇧🇩

Belle M

I agree

Sumit Mehta

Correct bro

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Karan Bagga

Hey Bollywood, please don't Ever recreate this song.

Akshat singh

They have already forgot this song

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