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Skate or Die
Teenage Bottlerocket Lyrics

We're gonna fight,
We're gonna win,
We're making skate a fucking threat again.

We're on the prowl,
For something cool,
We're gonna shred your empty swimming pool.

We're doing slappy's at the Circle K,
And I did gnarly boneless while my walkman blasts out JFA

Don't be a pussy,
there's no need to cry,
So shut up and get rad,
cuz' now it's time to skate or die.
Yeah you don't even need to know the reason why,
Just shut up and get rad,
cuz' now it's time to skate or die.


Mullen's my god,
He brings me joy,
The second coming of skate and destroy.

Brian was brave,
He hit a cop,
He won a trip down at the donut shop.

We're waging war against the posers of the day,
If we play our cards right someday,
we might be in the Bones Brigade.



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Comments from YouTube:


This reminds me of how skating got me out of my depression.
Skate or DIE!

Night Guy


Miles Russell

i know its already been said, but this is the perfect song; fast and aggressive yet melodic an catchy <3

butterstix 24

I'm so glad now that I was able to see them live back in 2013. I can't believe Brandon is gone. RIP, dude.


i guess he didnt wanna sk8

Chedarmentos Brown

I listen to this song a few times every morning. I'm 45 it takes me back. I still ride a little every week but not with the aspirations of yesterday.

Jeff Laben

Me, too, and I'm 61. The listening to it every day part.

Pop Punk Dot Com

Those backup vocals are timed perfectly!

Outspoken Cat Lover

It's 2018 and this song is still rad.


It's 2022 and still an absolute banger

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