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The Twister
J Dilla Lyrics

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Would you join me please in welcoming
The Tempting

Long before-
Long before I knew
Ohh, someone warm like you

Huh? What?

Huh? What?

Overall Meaning

The lyrics to J Dilla's song "The Twister" are somewhat elusive and open to interpretation. In these few lines, the singer seems to be addressing a person or a group, possibly referring to them as "The Tempting." The singer acknowledges a sense of ignorance or unawareness in the past, stating that before they knew, someone warm like the addressee had come into their life. This can be interpreted as the singer expressing gratitude or appreciation for the addressee's presence, implying that they were unaware of the potential warmth and companionship the addressee could provide.

The lines "Huh? What? Huh? What?" are a vocal interjection, indicating confusion or surprise. This repetition of "Huh? What?" can be interpreted as the singer questioning or being caught off guard by the emotions or circumstances they find themselves in. It might represent a moment of realization or being taken aback by the unexpected nature of their situation. These lines create a pause in the narrative, bringing attention to the singer's internal processing of the new-found warmth in their life.

Overall, "The Twister" presents an enigmatic but emotive portrayal of discovering and appreciating the presence of someone who brings warmth and companionship into the singer's life. The lyrics capture a sense of surprise, confusion, and gratitude, inviting the listener to reflect on the complexities of human relationships and emotions.

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Written by: James Dewitt Yancey

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Comments from YouTube:


the feeling of being trapped by your own mind


The answer is hip hop.....that is all.


or the feeling of being bed ridden in a hospital. that's where he made most of this album


The more I listen to this album, the more I find new things to fall in love with.


Wish dilla had looped the first bit, it's truly beautiful


housekeys that STEVIE loop


You missed the point then.


@@johannesgutenburg6425 tf kinda point was trying to be made, it’s just a dope beat he wanted to make


@@goobert2469 What made Dilla special was that he could make dope beats while simultaneously attempting something greater than that and he was usually successful at doing that. I dont care to explain as its all subjective, but please dont come here downgrading Dilla


@@goobert2469 for me, this song is an expression of frustration, a beautiful intro loop disturbed by this chatotic repetitive beat where we hear “huh what” on a cycle. If you wanna downgrade that to “oh uh he just wanted to make a dope beat” good for you, enjoy listening to music like that, no ones stopping you.

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