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Problems With the Sun
Nicolas Jaar Lyrics

But there might be a problem, with the sun.

But there might be a problem, might be a problem with the sun.
Oh because my eyes cant see, why you do'nt like me.

Contributed by Blake S. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Dick Diver

i hope heaven sounds a little like this


He's completely changed my music mind! It's been for ages that i was looking for a particular sound, i mean the beat, and eventually here the new genius of electronic music! And what a shows guys. His lives are such a mind blowing thing every time, definetely. CAn't wait to enjoy next performance!


I feel sorry for not knowing this song all these years, i feel lucky i found it at least!


this song is sooo underrated!!

Maitre Sioux

This song is made for red-haired people

Distant Warrior

The AMAZING JAAR!!! Man, I love that guy!!! So prolific and smashing good!!!


Wow this is genius


I just saw him perform for 5 hours! at MOMA PS1 last week. He was amazing.

Amber Wallace

That little white sphere that appears in the left corner randomly had me questioning my eye sight. aside from that... AMAZINGGGG TRACK!


22 years old and already makes such good music?? Impressive

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