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by St. Vincent

Bodies, can't you see what everybody wants from you?

Forgive the kids, for they don't know how to live
Run the alleys casually cruel
Cruel, cruel

Bodies, can't you see what everybody wants from you?
For you could want that, too
They could take or leave you
So they took you, and they left you
How could they be casually cruel?
Cruel, cruel, oh
Cruel, cruel, oh

Bodies, can't you see what everybody wants from you?
If you could want that, too, then you'll be happy

You were the one waving flares in the air so they could see you
And they were a zephyr, blowing past ya,
Blowing fastly so they can see ya
Cruel, cruel, oh
Cruel, cruel, oh

Cruel, cruel, oh
Cruel, cruel, oh

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Written by: Anne Clark

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Jamie Ryan Storey

I love how she is literally kidnapped and enslaved by a man and his two demented children, and she only looks mildly annoyed by it.


Maybe that's the point. Motherhood?

Plasma Bat

@kidkruschev I think it could be seen as anyone being forced into roles by society. It's not like men aren't seen as disposable.

Mikel Montoya

@Angela Kartolína Luntian she dated Cara Delevingne. 'St. Vincent will love Cara Delevingne "forever"' on that same interview she explains though that she doesn't date exclusively women but likes both men and women.

Angela Kartolína Luntian

@Joe Alias being gay has nothing to do with gender roles though so that was kind of out-of-topic. also, clark is gay? source please?


the beginning lyrics that are repeated throughout the song describe the song word for word. the song is about women being used in society as objects for birth, sex, or domestic chores. she doesnt refer to herself or others as women, but "bodies" that are being seen as objects for others to use. the video just visualises that, and her mundane attitude is reflective of how women are oppressed into these roles without realising they're being forced into roles in the first place. her being buried is akin to divorce or separation, they dont see her as useful anymore, they took her and left her like the lyrics said. the "zephyr" blowing past her is them ignoring and choosing not to see or come to the reality that they're hurting her so they act like it's all on her or it didn't happen.

TL;DR: the song is about societal misogyny

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Brendon Infante

I think this song is about how casually cruel it is to pressure women into the thankless job of a mother/wife.
It's easier to remember all the mistakes made instead of appreciating all the things they do for you, despite their efforts. (It only shows her 'screwing things up')

Eugeniya Leshenko

Oh stop this crap.... Noone forces us to do anything at this point, and guess what - many women STILL want to do it themselves, snowflakes...

Eccremocarpus scaber

gosh, that's rather prescriptive. Half of my female friends don't have children and are very happy. The others do have children and are very happy. I find it a bit difficult to be casting aspersions about mothers in this fashion. Most of the mothers I know see it as a joy and a privilege. Those who don't just don't have children. Thats what condoms, the pill and abortion are for.

Santiago Florentín

@Krys F It seems like someone didn't hear about exogenesis

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