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by Rage Against the Machine

Solo, I'm a soloist on a solo list
All live, never on a floppy disk
Inka, inka, bottle of ink
Paintings of rebellion
Drawn up by the thoughts I think

It's set uplike a deck of cards
They're sending us to early graves
For all the diamonds
They'll use a pair of clubs to beat the spades
With poetry I paint the pictures that hit
More than the murals that fit
Don't turn away
Get in front of it

Brotha did ya frget my name
Did ya lose it on the wall
Playin' tic-tac-toe

Yo, check the diagonal
Three brothers gone
Come on
Doesn't that make it three in a row
Anger is a gift

Brotha did ya frget my name
Did ya lose it on the wall
Playin' tic-tac-toe

Yo, check the diagonal
Three million gone
Come on
'Cause ya know they're counting backwards to zero

The environment exceeding on the level
Of our unconsciousness
For example
What does the billboard say
Come and play, come and play
Forget about the movement
Anger is a gift

Freedom, freedom, yea right

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Welcome everyone coming back in 2020. You've made a great choice!


It's sad that Rage Against The Machine's songs are RELEVANT TODAY.

Dustin Chapman

I live in minneapolis. And the protesters pass right by my door. I saw probably 5000 people in a hour pass by crossing the bridge. All of em got treated to some rage against the machine. This album only too cuz its absolutely perfect. 3000 dollar car stereo finally has a legit purpose. Rage was meant to be played in a moment like this is my city. Minneapolis aint takin the shit no more. Its been insane every year with cop killings. Worse than any where else apparantly. The country has picked up for us 3 times in like 3 years. nationally backing us in protest and unfortanately violence and destruction. But this time its working here. Cops saying u know what. Im a good guy. I aint like these few. But the few bad ones keep popping up. They legit quitting their career saying fuck it. I like being a cop. But not in this system. I love minneapolis. Im 39. I listened to rage in high school. Couldnt always relate to their message personally .but i felt it. And i it was perfect. Day after day and even today. My city aint backin down this time. We goin in on em. Its so fucking awsome to REALLY have their music as a anthem badically. And its the shit they warned us about. And im sure if they came here. Would be like .....thats what the fucks up. "Cuz we were born to rise against em" and "anger is a gift" will always and forever have a personal high feeling vibe when i hear them sauly it now. Even people who didnt know who rage is were feeling it.

milehicraft 5280


- Stiegosaurus -

Is it though? Do you not know history? Nothing changes.

Pietro Aretino

Shit Woody Guthrie songs are still relevant today, Marx is still relevant today, fucking SPQR and Roman Empire are still relevant today, why wouldn't RATM.

Steelhead Metal & Rock

@Dookieshoes 90 its the harsh truth and reality

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Roy Ding

I used to love Rage so much but the meaning of the songs flew over my head a bit.
Now im almost 30, having been through the ups and downs of life, there is still no better band to encapsulate the anger and revolutionary attitude that is brewing on the underside today. People are waking up to the bullshit and lies, welcome back to my heart and mind Rage.

Sean McGuire

Same here. When I 1st heard rage o was like 9 in 93

Dogfather of Hull

Fuck ya

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