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Come Little Children
Erutan Lyrics

Come Little Children
I'll Take Thee Away, Into A Land
Of Enchantment
Come Little Children
The Time's Come To Play
Here In My Garden
Of Shadows

Follow Sweet Children
I'll Show Thee the Way
Through All The Pain And
The Sorrow
Weep Not Poor Children
For Life Is This Way
Murdering Beauty And

Hush Now Dear Children
It Must Be This Way
Too Weary Of Life And

Rest Now My Children
For Soon We'll Away
Into The Calm And
The Quiet

Come Little Children
I'll Take Thee Away, Into A Land
Of Enchantment

Come Little Children
The Time's Come To Play
Here In My Garden
Of Shadows

Written by: Kate Covington

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Thank you very much! :D Actually, I was finally able to secure licenses and official permission from Disney for this cover, so I was finally able to get it studio mastered and up on itunes! I have put a link in the description - it is released under my stage name, Erutan :)


Found it on Spotify and instantly loved it!

Cameran Faucette

Erutan Music it's yours I'm sure

Cameran Faucette

Erutan Music Someone used this song on MLP I saw my wife looking at it

myriad d

Ok let's get some things straight:
1) the original song "come little children" is from a 1990 film called 'Hocus Pocus'.
2) this is a cover of that song made by the amazing Erutan.
3) this cover was then used in the UNOFFICIAL FANMADE video, "children of the night", which was about a possible storyline for Princess Luna, WRITTEN AND ANIMATED BY MLP FANS. It is not the actual Princess Luna and it is not an official, canon plotline of mlp. It was just very well animated, so a lot of people thought it was real.
Hope this clears up a few things for some of you :)


For anyone who is wondering, essentially it comes down to the first (and last) verses being written by Brock Walsh for the 1993 Hocus Pocus and the rest of the verses and the word change "magic" to "shadows" written by Belos.  Belos was a goth enthusiast, and he published the Disney-inspired poem in 2002 on his goth blog under the category title of Poe'try, a pun on the gothic poet Edgar Allan Poe.  Unfortunately, the Internet misinterpreted that to mean Edgar Allan Poe wrote it, and it is still misinformation being spread around.  Then Kate Covington (aka Erutan) found the poem circulating around the Internet, forgot she wasn't the one who changed "magic" to "shadows" (as you can tell by her confusion in the video description), and covered it in 2009, and that's the version spread around the Internet under the pretense of being a MLP or FNAF song because of fan animations. I take no credit for putting in the work to find out this information; that credit goes to D. Melhoff for publishing it on their blog.

J Mon gaming

The song from Hocus Pocus was called garden of magic

Nathan Gamble

@Matt S-J Correct. Some idiots thought that because it had "Poe" in the name it was by Edgar Allen Poe, even though it was just a pun on "poetry".

Nathan Gamble

@BearDrummer Tony Giegler No it is not.

Nathan Gamble

@Alyssa Bradow No it is not! This poem is NOT by Poe, it was written by Brock Walsh. It doesn't sound remotely like anything that Poe ever wrote.

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