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Arca Lyrics

Huariquechipu huariquechipu hari
Tichipu huarikichupu huaritichipu huaritichipu huaritichipu huaridichipu huaridichipu pampampampam huaridichipu hua de di chipu

Writer(s): Alejandro Ghersi

Contributed by Alex J. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Killae Quishpe Q.

The demon of my room when i play arca at 3 AM:

samuel cenger

she’s literally just vibing

Pablo Jimenez

Arca, Jess Kanda y Björk son el futuro.

Keyser Sozë

This is terrifyingly beautiful.


sounds like South Africa Kwaito, so beautiful, even how she moves looks indigenous to Africa. love this 


: l come on its just some gross 3d model they bought off some website

Knuckle Dragger

Not sure if a blue alien is considered "beautiful", but to each their own.

Juan Alvaro López

Arca is from Venezuela! We're exposed from a young age to African Culture and Music, because our music and culture is a rich and a mix of european and african like the rest of the Caribbean! He even said that most of his music has elements and is influenced by Venezuelan music. Check out the music of Simon Diaz or Ali Primera and you can actually hear elements of a popular venezuelan music called "Joropo" in his song "Anger" from the album "Mutant"

peace! xo

All Mighty Pixel

love connection you made

úrsula Cox

It began in Afrika ka ka ka ;)!

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