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Link's Memories: "Return of Calamity Ganon"
若井淑 Lyrics

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Fascinating thing about me watching this. (I have seen others play BOTW as I don't have a switch myself.)

Yet the emotion I feel from 0:40, It makes me remember my battles against the forces of Ganon from Zelda II, The adventures of Link. (GAMEBOY) From 1988.

Before the internet, I remember playing that game, uncovering all the secrets within, completely blind and alone.
Finding every heart, Magic Container.
Destroying all six palaces before reaching the Grand Palace to recover the Triforce of Courage to awaken Zelda.
This music awoke the little kid in me that played that game many years ago.

Ultimate Moonlight45

Two souls forever intertwined, united by hope
Divided by tragedy
With his final words in that life, he made a promise to her
That they will always meet again
No matter what evil they have to face
No matter what challenges they’ll need to overcome
Even if tragedy were to divide them countless times, in every life, they always see each other again.
A love that lasts an eternity.
A love that conquers all hatred and malice.
This is what this flower was named for.
Silent Princess
The Silent Knight and his Princess.
Now the storm is past, and these petals fall as they reunite once more.
Even after thousands of years, after countless lives
He still kept that promise

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Botw: yay happy ending

Botw 2: I’m about to end this mans whole career


Fans: Maybe Zelda might be useful in BOTW 2?!!

Nintendo: That’s cute…

Troy Phillips

@Decahexatriser 😏

Valentina Foley

@lYcronix I know, when I saw a video and it showed that that you start before fighting Ganon I was upset, because I wanted to see Hyrule Castle without Ganon, I wanted to see Hyrule without Malice and enemies, but nope. ;-;

Fildza Denis

@Dalton Sala yes for sure, but i kinda want to see that, just wandering across the map, enjoy the peaceful without ganon, and the monster and every guardian to fight haha

Willburr 18

Age of Calamity: Im about to fix these guys whole careers

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"I can no longer hear the voice inside the sword..."
"M...m...master... the ba...batteries... in your wii re...remote are n...nearly depl...depleted..."
Link and Zelda: akwardly stares at sword

Boogs Skylanders



@Xurany Link: Smiles in handheld + plugged in switch

Dibompitable Blink

Ammunition depleted

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