Frayed Chime
Am I Blood Lyrics

Fate your pleasure increases
As a friendly undead morning acid
You started to feed a power into
Your harmless piece of human
A hole means ahead on the bed of scale
Slitting a body to liquid
A land driving man through a better plan
To serve as well as virgin

Kill 'em with pain determined anger on your side
Speared 'em like misery it could be sadden end
See all beyond a mist creeping to the last
There's nothing else to feel voices turning away

Seal to a chest you can't sleep too well
To be paranoid
The door is a mania influence for a light
Dark means more than bright

Beat your friend till he's brain-dead
Don't ever think about what you've done
Feel your rage and madness
Bored to be socially influenced
Kill your mother don't hate her
Your mouth full of words you want all to hear
Kill your son be friendly
Just wanna tell aloud your way

Access to fever face in a mirror
Sucking your pity like hell
Disdain, anguish, you have some death
To bring yourself to me

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