O Felix
Azam Ali Lyrics

O felix anima,
cuius corpus de terra ortum est
quod tu cum peregrinatione huius
mundi conculcasti
Unde de divina rationalitate
quæ te speculum suum fecit
coronata es

Spiritus sanctus etiam
te ut habitaculum suum intuebatur
Unde de divina rationalitate
quæ te speculum suum fecit
coronata es.
Gloria Patri et Filio et Spiritui Sancto

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Comments from YouTube:

hikigaya hachiman

ruhumda bir kuzgun en acı çığlığını yavaş yavaş ve şahlanarak söylüyor

Sonja Iccarts

Divine voice ! Made me shirt to higher higher level


I have this day tasted music from a true artist whose voice gives so much to those willing to listen thank you so much for the upload.

Serdar Aksümer

Sen Allahın bir sanatısın

Ra Sam Sam

Portals of Gace album is made of songs from the european middle-age.

Merve Daştan

why is it only 81 likes and 10k watches... do people only listen to junk music instead of THIS?


Bir tane Azam Ali/Medieval dinleyen sevgili bulsam basıcam nikahı varya

nikos siotas

Because songs like this is not played on radio


Music serves different purposes. I personally listen to this kind of music and to the "junk" as you call it. I also compose music. Do not disrespect any realm of sound, please. All of them serve a purpose.