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Take me to the rooftop
I wanna see the world when I stop breathing, turnin' blue (blue)
Tell me love is endless, don't be so pretentious
Leave me like you do (like you do)

If you need me, wanna see me
Better hurry 'cause I'm leavin' soon

Sorry can't save me now
Sorry I don't know how
Sorry there's no way out (sorry)
But down
Mm, down

Taste me, the salty tears on my cheek
That's what a year long headache does to you
I'm not okay, I feel so scattered
Don't say I'm all that matters
Leave me, deja vu (mm)

If you need me, wanna see me
You better hurry, I'm leavin' soon

Sorry can't save me now (sorry)
Sorry I don't know how (sorry)
Sorry there's no way out (sorry)
But down
Mm, down

Call my friends and tell them that I love them
And I'll miss them
But I'm not sorry
Call my friends and tell them that I love them
And I'll miss them

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
Written by: Billie Eilish O'Connell, Finneas Baird O'Connell

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Enchanting Empress of Light

When my mom died, I honestly didn't think I was gonna make it. I didn't talk to anyone for almost 2 months.. barely ate.. only cried when I was alone.. didn't wanna listen to my fave songs anymore.. in my mind, I already felt dead.. just, so totally numb.. I couldn't believe she was actually GONE from my life.. there were many times I thought I was in a nightmare, because this just couldn't really be happening to me.. happening to my entire family.

Everyone kept saying that I had to accept that my mom passed away.. oh trust me, I KNEW she was gone. My sweet beautiful mom was GONE. FOREVER. I would never be able to talk to her again or hug her.. or ask her for advice.. or hear her super-funny laugh or her soft calming voice when she used to talk to me about something important.. or the way she used to come in my room in the middle of the night when she thought I was sleeping, sometimes tucking the blanket around me and lightly kissing my forehead.. I always LOVED when she did that.. it made me feel so special and loved. 💖 What I actually felt inside when my mom died suddenly, I can't even really put it into words.. the pain, was SO unbearable, that it didn't feel like pain, or maybe that isn't the right word to describe it. Seriously though, "pain" is only a word, until you actually FEEL the DEPTHS of what its meaning is. The absolute, irrevocable emptiness and sadness I felt inside my heart and soul was such that, at the time, I felt that even committing suicide wouldn't stop the pain - and, in fact, it would probably make it even WORSE. So now, I have no mom and no dad either. 💔 Even though I know that my aunts, my uncle, my cousins and my nana {and of course my besties} love me and care about me very much, I still feel very empty inside.. I feel like an orphan..😓

All of you in here saying that you wanna die and that you don't wanna feel the pain anymore, listen up: Killing ourselves ISN'T the answer to take the pain away, because it WON'T.. all it will do is make our own family FEEL THE ABSOLUTE SADNESS, EMPTINESS and utter DEVASTATION of us being dead in such a TRAGIC and SENSELESS way. I found out that the ONLY WAY OUT of the pain is to DEAL WITH IT*.. and to let ALL of my fam and friends ***help me get through it.**

After everything I been through {and STILL dealing with on a daily basis} omg, I would NEVER knowingly put my fam and friends through that nightmarish and unbearable suffering..

It's really true what they say about what happens after somebody you love dies.. every day that passes by, you start feeling just a tiny bit better. 🌺🌞 More days pass.. and then weeks, months, and then YEARS. Today, I feel a LOT better than I did 2 years ago. I DON'T wanna die anymore. I wanna LIVE.. to live my best life and make my mom proud of me.. {Thanks to whoever took the time to read all of my feelings}

~~ Love you mom 💕 I miss you 4ever 💔

rahul ?!

me staring at my mom:

does she know that i cry myself to sleep?

does she know that i fake my smile?

does she know that im drowning?

does she know that im not okay?

does she know that the child she gave life to doesn’t want it anymore


Depression isn’t black. It’s grey.

An empty, cloudy, painful grey. Easily overshadowed by other colours, and easily mistaken for black if it’s dark enough.

Just light enough to be not black, but dark enough to not be white. It longs for light, for painlessness, for hope. Grey is an uphill climb toward the light. The higher you climb, the further you fall until you fall off completely into darkness.

No, you can’t climb it.


Get help. Ask for it. Swallow your pride and reach out with all your might. And if no one hears you. Scream louder. Someone will care eventually.

And someone will pull you to the light, no matter how far it is.

Mia Gerges

I don't want to die.
I don't want to kill myself.
I don't want to be lonely.
but I want to be alone.
I want to feel like life is worth living.
I want a real smile, not a fake smile to convince people I'm ok.
I want to be understood.
but I don't want to tell people because I know they won't understand.
I feel like I'm alone and that I don't deserve happiness.
It's scary having to worry about being accepted by the people around you, and it's hard being able to push through to survive each day.
My name is Mia.
I have depression. I haven't been officially diagnosed, however, I'm also getting a diagnosis soon.
I'm not just having a bad day, I'm depressed. I have no intention whatsoever of ending my life because I have a little hope, but every day I feel like the entire world is cornering me and that the only way out is isolation from the people I love most, in fear that I'll hurt them. That's also why I don't tell people. I don't want my parents to feel as though they have failed. They would never believe me anyway if I told them their little girl was depressed.
When I'm told that the only reason I listen to Billie Eilish is so that I can be fake depressed, it hurts, because she is the only artist who constantly perfectly portrays my thoughts in her songs. And additionally, no one should EVER be told that they're "fake depressed". You don't know what people are going through.

If you read to the end, I just want you to know that I love you. You're not alone, and things will get better. Just wait, and breathe. If anyone needs someone to talk to, add me on Snapchat @miaxoxo1233, or my Instagram @m_gerges_.

I want you to know that no matter how tough life is going, it gets better, and you'll be okay.


Hii just wanted to say i am so proud of you for just being here. Living is exhausting sometimes and you'll want to give up but dont. You're doing so well, keep going. You are never alone, you have me and countless others who understand you, love you, and support you. You deserve to be here and keep going, we'll keep going together. Remember to take care of yourself! Drink water, hydration is very important, eat as much as you feel comfortable with because your body needs and deserves fuel for a healthy life, and get plenty of rest💜 You are worth so much more than you think, you are so so very important to me. Your presence can give someone happiness, remember that. It'll be worth it in the end so keep going. Keep going so you can be so proud of yourself for how far you've come. I believe in you so believe in yourself. You are not hopeless, you deserve recovery and you well get there. Your worth is not determined by others, its you. You take control of your life.

You are beautiful, strong, amazing, lovable, dont let anyone tell you otherwise. Keep the people you love and who love you close to you, dont push them away.

I am beautiful
I am strong
I am smart
I can and will be kind to myself
I deserve the best
I will crush my goals
I will not worry about the things I can't control
I will prioritize my well being
I am proud of myself
I am worthy
I am important
I am needed
Recovery is not linear
I am loved
I am cared for
I decide how my life will turn out

Its okay to cry, you're not weak for doing so. Crying is a sign of strength as it shows you accept your feelings and understand that you will be overwhelmed sometimes and its good to let it all out every once and awhile. Put your hand on your heart, what do you feel? That's your reason to keep going, thats your purpose in life. Remember to breathe and focus on yourself sometimes. Prioritize your well being and take care of your mentality💓💓

@myfirstlove2021 is my twitter account if you ever need to talk with someone. Dont be afraid to reach out, you have a voice use it, dont stay alone in the silence. I am always here for you💞


here’s a story that may help some of you.

not too long ago, when school was still in session, i walked into my class in a bad mood and on the verge of tears. My teacher asked if I was alright, i said “yeah im fine don’t worry” then later in the day ran to let it all out in the restroom, she noticed i was acting off and followed me, there she comforted me. her words were:

“hey don’t worry, it’s natural”
i will never forget that.

moral of the story: there’s always someone out there who cares, you just might not have met them yet.

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