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Googoo Gjoob

@Jamesir Bensonmum wouldn't comment if I'd never heard the album.

I know not of the art of the crack pipe. Send me a few pointers.

TYR's got a few zingers but it's not cohesive and some sounds like bad throwaways

People have their opinions. But Forbidden isn't a weak one at all.

I'd say they "ended" with possibly their worst "13" a misguided "big producer" attempt to make THE Black Sabbath try to imitate themselves (*which has been the M.O. for studios signing up DURAN DURAN ever other decade)
it doesn't work planning to a result.
Bands either grow or rest heavily on a dominant songwriter (*in this case always Iommi)

13 is a tired turd embarrassment.

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Darren Kiefer

Black Sabbath , horns, = awesome! No one saw the one coming

Michael Craig

Why not? They were metal, almost at the beginning, they could do what they want.


yup 'Break out the Brass! kind of back to where they started, Jim Simpson played trumpet in their early recordings

Tuhin Chowdhury

I'll never get how die hard Sabbath fans don't get this album


I still love it after buying it back in 1978 from my local record store at our old mall .. now I got it on cd . Had cassette too lol . Def a HUGE longtime fan of Sabbath and

Beeble Booble

It blows

Maybe you should listen to the first 5 albums, then you'll have your answer

Michael Craig

We did!

Gaston Bell

Insufficiently sludgy, insufficiently bleak, not the right soundtrack for getting blackout drunk and beating somebody up. 90% of their fans were outraged.

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Randall Brooks

One of my favorite Sabbath songs from the original line-up!

Νικος Ραπτης

I can hear Greek traditional music there these guys were genius

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