Hard To Say
Cord Lyrics

I can't point it out
Cause it has always been so hard explaining what I felt
To anyone but me
I found someone who cares
I found someone who understands the things that I don't share
When everyone's around

Cause it's how it should be
Oh it's how it should be
Oh it's how it should be now

When you turn me upside down

And I don't give a damn
Cause I never thought it was possible to understand
The meaning past my mind
And I won't let it roam
Cause I can only contradict the things that I don't own
When everyone's around

Cause everything you wanted to hear, it's so hard to say
It's so hard to say
And I would never judge from you here, cause that's so unfair
Cause that's so unfair

Contributed by Camden L. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Gabriele Raith

I can't stop watching and listening to him. He is just music! Thanks for sharing your vids, they are great.

romelyn dueñas

OMG. If you'll the PAPA no girl will say NO. Hahaha! Love this song and your humor Jason!

Hi it's Ryan

he's so cool! who else could pull off this song?


I love the groovin he does

Shane Goh

This next album sounds like it's going in a jazz direction, no? Cool-ness...

Atirah Norddin

where can i find the lyrics?

Atirah Norddin

where can i find the lyrics?

Adi Prasetya Li

funny but fantastic song! haha

Atiqa Lemons

Omg..his Cajonist lookslike Amy Winehouse...

matthew kessler

this song only works at this tempo. there's more attitude and personality, i'm not diggin all the new slower versions.

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