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Ghoulish Grin Films

Bought this song on iTunes and it's been getting regular play on my iPod ever since. Who in the world can 'thumbs down' this song?!?!


I'll tell you who: the devil

fred zephier

Back in the 90's, found the Cassette in a Record store in Sioux City, Iowa. I played it so much, the tape wore out, and no longer have a Cassette player. I'm so grateful for you Tube. I missed hearing this incredible music.

Abigail Zuercher

My dad bought this as a CD in early 2000, literally every road trip we’d give the whole album a listen or two. First heard it when I was 3 years old, now I’m 20 🥺 how time flies. Still brilliant music tho.

Devyn Chase

my father introduced me to this song when I was three, and 14 years later im still listening to it. good things never die ♡

Plague Doctor

Omg I remember hearing this when I was young, remembered it a while back but couldn't remember the name.. My long search for the song has ended finally.


My mother played this song all the time while I was in the womb. 21 years later, I'm playing it for my child while it's in the womb. I hope this becomes a tradition that lasts for generations.


Bellicima canción mis hijos lo disfrutan,


This sounds a tad like old WoW inn music in some parts, I LOVE IT

TarTar Taran

David Arkenstone made some of the old WoW music

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