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The Dragon's Breath
David Arkenstone Lyrics

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When i listen to this and i've listened very often, i imagine seeing a blue scaled dragon, it's me, laying on the floor, then i stand up, spread my wings, which lift me off the ground, taking me into the air, i fly around a while, seeing the eternity of the sky and much more, also places which i never saw before, hidden for humans, but visible for dragons, i fly around, at the end of the song, i imagine, flying back and laying back down.

adam flory

Such an imagination 👍🏼 that’s cool 😎


love this song, my infant was crying for 30 min, played this and she instantly calmed down

Skóll Fenrisòn

She could be the Dovahkiin 😳

Jovani Araujo


Erin W.



I have been listening to David Arkenstone for 20 years. He is amazingly talented and I am very happy that you tube will bring a whole new group of people to his music. I own it all and it is all wonderful.

Aureus Venerabilis

Excellent... I've heard this song many times, but still can't get enough :-) So mystical....


such magnificent music. It moves me deeply. Why do people not listen to celtic music anymore ?

Marin Villalpando

Such a beautiful song. David Arkenstone is a living legend in ambient music!

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