Steve Berman
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Hey Steve
Uh, Vanessa said you wanted to see me? What's up?
Marshall, I can call you Marshall, right?
Uh, sure
Sit the fuck down for a second
Do you just fucking hate me?
Hate you? What
What the fuck have I ever done to you?
Your last record, we got lucky
This D12 album is fucked
What's wrong with it?
I don't wanna rape my grandmother
I don't wanna have sex with pitbulls
I wanna roll on dubs, I wanna throw bows, I wanna rock Prada
Rock Prada?
And who the fuck is this Bizarre guy?
What do you mean?
Do you need a cat-scan?
Where the fuck did you find this guy?
I-I mean, I've known him for like
This album's never coming out
Steve, you've only heard one song
Fuck you
Get the fuck out of here
Okay, okay, shit

Written by: Dean Geistlinger, Marshall Mathers, Paul Rosenberg

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Comments from YouTube:

Kyle B

"You're rapping about homosexuals and vicodin" is the best thing


@Em Go - at you're here 👏

Em Go - at




Anderson Contreras

KLB 818 that shit hits me everytime 😂😂😂


Going from The Eminem Show to Relapse you can see how much his voice changed

Bill Poole

Well Encore was in between.. but he was hardcore into drugs until relapse

Zacharyah Aldridge

shit mate that is so true

DevanteTheDCGuy Reacts too

PopularMods 1 just the drugs lol

Goku Kakarot

I hope when he drops his next album there'll be a skit when he finally goes off on Steve and shows him he's had enough of his complaining and bullshit

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