Soul Surfing
Fatboy Slim Lyrics

Soul Surfing

Jack it up, jack up (…)

With your help, turn you on

Huuuh bop bop (…)

Jack it up, jack up (…)
Huuuh bop bop (…)

With your help, turn you on

Huuuh bop bop

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Written by: NORMAN COOK

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Christopher Jeffery

The 1990s was a excellent decade for music and film's

Landon Millikan

And video games.

Khristian Gelly


Daelen.C Clark

Not so for comics, but we don’t talk about those.


2000 it all goes to hell. When they found out they didn't need talent just people willing to sell souls

minustaco42 zero

Fuck yes

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Soya Ergar

Known samples:
"Saxon Studio Live" - Daddy Sandy, Daddy Rusty, Papa Levi, and Tippa Irie (1984; "jack it up" vocal)
"Funky Mule" - Ike Turner and The Kings of Rhythm (1969; drums)
"I'll Do A Little Bit More" - The Olympics (1966; hook and "with your help, turn you on" vocal)

Funny Guy

@Brendan Ellis so even tho its the exact same guitar sound, that would sound EXACTLY like the fatboy slim song bridge when chopped up and pitched down a bit, it isn't used in the song along side the Olympics sample? explain

Brendan Ellis

@Funny Guy Not in this instance; it's just a coincidence that "Watch Your Step" and "I'll Do a Little Bit More" have the same riff...happens in many other songs too.

Funny Guy

@Brendan Ellis a song can have more than one sample

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